Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Birthday Note

What is the best way to wish a Friend on his Birthday…??
Well, I know it doesn’t sound much  as a great question
Yet , it has to....beacuse, I have a list of my own WHAT IF’s

He is very much a  ‘KNOWN STRANGER’
He  lives across seas & He  doesn’t have the habit of picking up my calls

Well, the next option would be writing on the cyber space. I can either leave him an E-card or write a message to him on Facebook but definitely it  doesn’t  seem to be  as much as good, an idea  because I’m pretty sure, it would be easily deleted or dumped, buried by the next set of messages he may receive from his other friends

But now,  an insight at midnight goes as this... When I have my favorite BLUE INK PEN and my shabby paper template BLOG to put on, my words, Why do I need to go for a search?! After all who prefers to stay in a Rented House, when one has a Beautiful castle of oneself…?!!  Lol: P
It always happens with me that however bad I get, I tend to believe that there is always ‘another’ who has worse.

So the BEST way I can put my wish for him is HERE, very much at my own HOME, my space...  where I have a treat with my own words... It doesn’t matter, even if he takes it as a ‘Gone-wrong-sadhya’ (feast) of a Beginner cook. Still however worse it goes, a ‘sadhya’ is always a ‘sadhya’.

So now why I am writing this is that, every letter is written, and it won’t disappear

 Here the WORDS for you my unknown stranger

Yes, we are best of the friends.
We had ‘good’ of the times as well as ‘bad’ of the times in our Friendship
Even if I keep on irritating you wit my tweet talks & stuffs or even if we fight or keep silence, I don’t think that we will be able to get departed out of our friendship or we can hold grudge upon each other. This is very much a written letter where no WORD can disappear. Some twist of fate had intertwined us together as FRIENDS…This is beautiful and I need it more now and forever...
 Wishing you a Happy Birthday,let this be the happiest of all Birthday’s, very much special. May you see green lights, all the ways through out this year. . God Bless You…!!

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