Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Feels' of the Day

 1) Me, Dad & Mom
Bits & Pieces of a  countryside Trip
Instant Tea breaks at petty ‘chayakadas’ (tea stalls) with ‘parippuvada’ and bonda’... 
sharing, caring, commenting others, hunting for ‘naadan’ (homely) fruits,vegetables, food items and eating thereby while in drive
Starring at the green, the smell of soil, stopping for the clicks…
A perfect drive with 101 melodies played
Sight seeing by ‘three’ of us, when all others in gang. (But I am pretty sure they wouldn’t have enjoyed as much as we did)
Lot clicks, but there is not even a single snap left with three of us together ...
Remember, WE are just THREE…the Threesome awesome, the Three idiots and  the Three, my lucky number ;-)

The togetherness of ‘THREE’  is an amazing feel  In love with, WE the THREE <3

2) Ranjit - My Friend

I know these days, he thinks that I forgot him and very much away. But it is not really so. When life keeps us busy, we may have to stay away from many. But it doesn’t mean that we forgot them. If  the bond is really strong, nothing can break it. The feel of ‘Connection’ ever remains.
Today is special. It is Diwali and that I met him after so long time.
A first time visit to his home with my parents, first time meet up with his parents and felt them as 'happy family'. Fell in love with his ‘typical ancestral roofs’ (tharavade), which  fits to get in anyone’s’ ‘nostalgia’ for any number of times. 

Letting a friend know that you are still with him, when he thinks, you are not is a wonderful feeling


  1. pretty interesting ash :)..hope your friend replied!

  2. Gautham - Got his reply, the next morning that he got held up somewhere :) Thanks a lottt :)


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