Friday, October 28, 2011


Last evening, while taking a happy shower bath, creating a work schedule of Thesis in my thoughts, I heard a ‘sound’ of the bustling wind reverberating through our coconut leaves and immediately after, it  He is gone. Nope, I must put it the other way,it He has ‘reached’; Yes, the unwanted visitor’ of every house – Power Cut. And I can’t stop myself writing those typical, spontaneous conditioned sounds, “Ayyo!! Current Poyyi”

.I am sure that every Malayali would have uttered this at least once in their life time.
As we don’t have an Inverter at home, my poor mom had to climb all the fourteen steps up to get me  an yellow lit candle stick    and tell me, “Nee kulikan kayariyal, appam current povum” (Whenever you start a shower, power fails) . Though candle lit bath is an adventure in its own, it can never be as much as that of mobile lit showers, which I often had to have at my hostel.

Yellowness of Power Cut

Now back to pinpointed matter Power cut, I don’t remember when I heard this term for the first time in my life. Still my vague memories take me to those days when each time the power failed, I asked mom this question, “WHY SO” to which each time she replied, ‘It is POWER CUT’.
I also belong to that generation of Indians, who had grown up along with this word, in the daily vocabulary. Each time the ‘term’ hits, I know you would be taken into an “I am not feeling lucky” world and it is.  I know no one prefers to sit in darkness and hence hate power cut
Yet, THINK, THINK and once again if you THINK; I am pretty sure that by the time you read this sentence, you would have more than a three of sweet ‘something’s or 'nothing’s' to be connected to the nostalgic series of power cut

As said earlier, I am not different than a girl who had grown up with ‘Power cut’. I remember my childhood days, where every evening we had that rolling blackout for half an hour and my affinity towards this fellow companion began from those days itself. He saved me from my daily lessons and homework.  This timely leisure after the long run of a day might be the moments, I enjoyed more than the day itself. When I go down the memory lane, I have better memories to be cherished of such ‘study skip precious 30minutes” rather than a full long holiday or solid months of vacation.Yes, it is true and proven through the researches done by Psychologists. Longer vacations don’t give us better memories. It is the number of short moments leaves us happier than a long one. Hence the ‘Power cut’ times do mean a lot.

However, they were even times, where I had to sit and read in the candle light and most of them during exams. But I never studied then. Know what, I used to do.  One of my all-time power cut obsessions; each time I had a candle lit before me, I loved putting my  fingers into the flame to KNOW if it is HOT and getting fingers burned…Gosh! I am still obsessed doing that!! Some obsessions are meant forever and this is one such.

Of course, power cut gives you the best of the hours to DREAM, DREAM  and DREAMon anything and everything. Some moments of temporary disconnect from the ‘prime time lights and sounds’, off to a world of sky and stars. My best of the encounters with twinkling galaxies have happened during those twilight times, while sitting on the charupadi (seat around balcony) staring at the dreamy night sky. The brief schedules have rendered me with lot more magical moments. It serves to be the best, if you are in LOVE. I must say, there is no time much perfects than this to think of your Beloved’s and text them, “ MISS YOU, sweet heart”

Best of the Dreams can be seen on Power Cut hours

For a highly sensitive soul like me, such shut downs gather moments for shedding tears too. I relied on them so much that whenever I went upset over something and needed a burst out, those power cut darks have provided me better corners to cry silently without letting anyone know my grief. It He can listen to you better than anyone else. 

The beautiful moments with dad and mom can’t be left uncounted in the list of Power cut series. It has given us lot space for our chit-chats, sharing and at the same time, disappointments of missing the most awaited television programs. Reaching out a light in the midst of that deep darkness had always been fun.  Most of the times, a candle light lit dinner added to the interesting episodes of power cut.

By the way, where are those ‘kerosene lanterns’ dumped out!! Don’t we miss those good old days where we had a “Mannenna vilakku” (kersone lantern) near Kadathinna (verandah). The tiny lanterns hold a special place in my power cut memories... Just  as anyone, who thinks NOSTALGIA equals GRANDPARENTS’ house, my memories of these tiny lanterns dwells in there. My ‘acquaintance’ with it began from those days at Grand pa’s place. I still remember, how WE, cousins used to crawl around it and play. My love to kerosene smell has roots here and truly I wouldn't have known what a ‘kerosene lantern’ is without such power cut evenings. 

Many a times I even felt to personify the Power Cut Black to a Man, an embodiment of my Perfect admirer, who sits and stares at me silently, while I do a lot talk. I believe that BLACK has SOUL and POWERCUT does owe one. Trust me; you can’t get a good listener than him. Talk to him and he will talk you back. (My insanity speaks :p)

The Power Cut Black Soul

I got attached to the TO’ & FRO’s of such blackouts that I had even woven my dreamy future in its dark.Here it goes
Imagine, its POWERCUT, all the darkness around, myself and my most dearest man sitting on the favorite good true corner of our home, (our castle) where we get the best view of night sky and both enjoying the same sky, same moon, same stars and at the same time  talking about all the wonders of the day…. Yet wondering at ourselves, our match, our LIFE…I know, at the end, he drags me to him, looking into my eyes and say “You are everything, I need…Love you more than anything”
“zoooooommmmmmmm” (I guess this is how, current comes after power outage) . The lights turned ON and the REVERIE ends. 

Dreamy Future on Power Cut

Ohhhhhh....Come back!! Come back to the same power cut ,which stucked me half way during my shower. I finished my less adventurous candle light lit bath, came down to Verandah and sat along with my parents. The Shelly’s (a poet) same old autumn’s “wild West winds” are blowing and Daddy said, “We have to get an INVERTER. Though power cut is withdrawn for now, soon they will be back with authorized and unauthorized ones like this.” Mom added to it, “Yes, we have to. After all, we live still in God’s own Kerala.”  To them, the power cut dark is worse and hence preparing to face the ‘unwelcome visitor’
 I uttered nothing, keeping up my silence, which is deep, dark and certain as the Power cut Black…


  1. used to love power cuts during school time! hate these when there are cricket matches or something special in television. but the 30 minutes of power cut have helped to grow my imagination. as you said it's the best time to have chitchats with parents,cousins and all..also we could think of the person we love the most, his/her face will be in front of you for 30 minutes! well written ash :-)

  2. Gautham - yes, we all have grown up with it...Tats y so :) anyways thank u so much :)

  3. This post has certainly made me feel nostalgic! It was indeed a much welcomed visitor then!


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