Saturday, October 22, 2011

'Synchronicity' over Lost Mobile

Recently, one of my friends, made a pun on me, which I myself found as quite interesting. And it was this,

“Vazhiyil pokunna meenkaraneyum aval kayari chetta  nne vilikum. Brother aakum” :P
(She doesn’t even spare even a single fish-seller on the street from calling as her brother)
 Usually whenever he makes such comments, I poke him back with my replies, “podaaa patty, korangaaa” (Go away u dog, monkey)
But this time it was an interesting observation that I responded back with my silence :)

Yes. I myself can call me as a ‘Sibling-maker’ that I love my skill to make Brothers and Sisters all over the world. It might be a ‘weakness’ of being the ‘single daughter-Ashitha’ that I heard this recently from one,

“Siblings are born, not made. No body can stay as your Brother or Sister unless; they are born to your Mother”. 

The soul, who uttered to me these words are one of the closest of my friends and rather, I was not in a mood for an argument with him, then. So I just took it inside through the ‘Right’ of my ear and left it out by ‘Left’

And what happened recently is that, ME the ‘Sibling-maker’, made one of my juniors as my sister. It was a 'spontaneity' made by  one of the Facebook comments and I didn’t find an ‘another’ reason to it, as we were less acquainted with the ‘times-together’. But I had always some kind of affection to her because her ‘body language’ and ‘expressions’ made me see herself resemble, my one and only Best’est Friend cum Soul mate, Dhanya Menon
 Gradually, through many FB activities, I could find that we both are sharing lot of common interests in many things. Probably, those ‘silent thoughts’, which I never uttered anywhere, anytime.

After 2 beautiful months, a fine day something unpleasant happened and  I made use of it as my facebook status which goes as this (refer to the below Image )

Put little effort to know what the status is..I know it is blurred ;-)
To this, I got a comment from her “Welcome to the club sis….I got stolen, as well”. It lasted only till my *sigh sigh* condolence and nothing more..
Though I am an ‘object-obsessive’ and the lost mobile phone, was more than the  ‘extension’ of my hands, I had to put an end to it after the purchase of my new ‘ white Nokia C2-03’
 Now what ‘next’ to talk about, else other than an ‘another’ FB update…  But this time, it was not from me but by her. Here it goes

Blurred images are my Obsessions, as well :)

Yes, the ‘Desolation over a lost phone’ by my ‘mobile lost sister’
It was the time of  this read; I thoroughly  understood what does ‘Empathy’ really mean. Her note made me grew too emotional that reading over it again and again, I could find none other than myself on the text.
  She wrote
 It might sound strange but there is not much difference between crying over a stolen phone and crying over a lost love. It does not mean that you love a person only as much a cell phone. It means that you love an inanimate object as though it were a person. It only shows your capacity to love”
 I felt to hug her for these lines. I loved this moment where my thought went as “This girl thinks exactly like me…now, why this ‘connection’....Is it  any magic??
Finally a day, I met her in the Department where we had an exchange of verbs over the tragedy of lost phones
A part of it is given here,
Me : Veetilek povayirunnu. Bag inde side il ayirunnu mobile. Bus il thirakke   
           (I was moving home. The mobile was put in bag’s side pocket. It was rush  
          in the bus)
Her :  Edhu busaaa chechi?
            (Which bus, sister?)
Me : 1c. Njan  Railway station ilek povayirunnu
           ( Bus no 1c. I was moving to Railway station)
Her : Endethum 1c yil aaa poyadha
           (Even, mine was lost frm 1c)
Me  :        (wondering)
Yes, this again speaks the ‘same-ness with the Bus No ‘1c’. The synchronicity continues….
By the way, a word for all ‘1c dependants’ of Coimbatore, ‘BEWARE’
After a while, she has taken her new mobile phone out and it was this
 To my goodness, the same white touch & type, Nokia C203

Now I feel that, if at all one of us can catch out the ‘THIEF’, it may be possible to get both the mobiles, back . I have a strong intuition that ‘the thief must be a same soul’
Never thought that the term, ‘sis’ would bind us together with so much of 'synchronicity'
I think it would be to experience this very moment; we might have called each other ‘SIS’ once.
 When similarities chase both of us in this way, truly I don’t find a better term to replace calling her other than my ‘SISTER’. Yes, now it sounds from the heart.
Hence adding her to my ‘made- sisters’ list,where the other names are

Roshni Paul
Raji Suresh
Rashmi Manjit
Sithara Ashok
Anna Vinod
Anjaly Rajan
Kavitha Raj
Gayathiri Madhavan
Misch Asung
Sinsi Sekhar
Sithara Thara
Reeshma Krishnadas
Gayathiry Madhavan
 &  now Pranaya Pradip
Sorry if I didn't mention any other names.  Kindly excuse me for my poor memory

My Realizations, renovated
  • A word is not just a word. It has energy. It has power. It brings back to us, what it means
  • There are signs and symbols around us all the time. The only thing which we have to do is open our eyes
  • There is ‘Synchronicity’ when two or more unrelated things happen together in a meaningful manner. They are more than random happenings
  • Common logic tells you, these are just simple things, but pay attention to the way you feel
  • Enjoy the weirdness of Life

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  1. Am so happy to see my name in this list... :)))) love u ashitha chechiiii


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