Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Dedication To My Brother

 On the edge of a tired day, in my hostel room, raining outside heavily and my cozy bed is waiting for me keen. I told HER that I want to pen about my brother.
 But she said,
  “Gurl, you are too tired, and too much BLANK inside. You can’t write now.After all, a Brother is always a Brother…He knows you…Come, come and sleep!!
 And I said
“sshhhh!! He has to read it and begin his day. Will you please keep quiet for sometime?”


And yes, now she is quite. So before she calls me again, here for YOU

My “Chakkara Valyetta” <3

 I had never thought that one day even I will have you as a Brother and write about you here… That is the ‘BOND’. We never knEw how it happenS. But it has to and it will….
 I am too vague about, when has it begun. I don’t want to dig out a date, day and time, from some corner of the FB and write here…
It is not just that…..because


Something special I  can remember about us is the DAY, I called you ‘that’, yes ‘that’ for the first time….
Do you remember ‘that’…..
Yes, the very first time I called you , that that…….. (I named you that :-) )

And You called me,
   “Achuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu……” ( Achu mol)

Me & My Big Brother

It was only a common piece of STRAND but never knew that it would turn out  ‘beautiful’, as beautiful as we are and our relationship is. You made me realize that a brother is not only the one who is born to my own mother or in my family…But it can happen over a ‘spark’, ‘connection’…yes, a feeling of being together, however far it is!!

And you made me know that you are there for me, now and forever.
Whenever I needed you, you were there …Whenever I wanted your prayers; you had given me that…often, without asking…
You never preached me, what is good or what is bad…but always had by my side to say me that “Everything will be fine for you molea”
You prayed for me to give me, what is the Best in my Life and I knew God looked down at me here,when you prayed from there...
You gave me surprises. You gave gave gave some more gave because I took everything. You kept on giving me, whenever I had tears…You understood that I need and you let me even, when you didn’t have anything left.

Yes, those WONDERFUL PHOTOGRAPHS…. and all are my BEST
You are my PHOTOGRAPHER…..You made my clicks, which is worthy to be treasured for a life time and more than that.
And know this possessive sister, I was your BEST, I am your BEST and I will be your BEST… still I know, I am your favorite child. All I need is to ask, and you will give it to me....

Thank u for giving a WONDERFUL amma, who is my  Amma as well
Thank you for telling me that I am your sister
Thank you for encouraging my Photography
Thank you for telling me that I am your Doll mol
Thank you for taking care of me in my hard times
Thank you for laughing at my silly jokes
Thank you for letting myself  realize that I am pretty
Thank you for making me love my own eyes
Thank you for holding me tight, even when I was away from you
Thank you for reading my writings
Thank you for giving me comments
Thank you for giving me a wonderful group of 'brothers  &sisters"
Thank you for coming to my home
Thank you for climbing on those 34 hair pins in fog
Thank you for not shouting at me while showing you that God forsaken chayakada
Thank you for eating meenechi’s idili with me
Thank you for supporting my Research
Thank you for accompanying me everytime
Thank you for tagging me in the photographs
Thank you for the one, many and lot clicks….which only you can make
Thank you being an inspiration of my LIFE
Thank you for many those wonderful moments
Thank you for being my best big brother, I could have ever asked for….

We fit perfectly together as brother and sister
Me your Baby sister and You my Big Brother

I love You
Happy Birthday

P.S : Don’t cut the cake now. Lets do it together on the Day :-)

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