Tuesday, November 22, 2011

'Hit and Miss' Thoughts

 These are the days, my head and mind are full. My heart keeps filling them with no stop and I can sense the overflow. The random and unrelated thoughts are hitting me now and then. I know, I will lose it, if I don't pen them down. After all, which else would be the best place to dump them out other than my home, my blog?

Randomness is Beauty :)

Yes, this is my HOME and I hope you all have seen a new member on the top right corner of my blog, Miss. CHAKKI.  For all who still wonders (without seeing her), who she is, I clear you; she is my pet, my tiny little cat, chakki (poocha).  I have adopted her from bunny labs and named her Chakki.If you want to play with her, move your cursor to her, click on her and she will jump out of her basket with a “Meow” sound. 
But please don’t take her away.
Click back again on her cage and make sure that you get her back home. 
She is too naughty and so may climb upon the next blogger's, coconut tree :P
So don't leave her thereby and go 

I showed Chakki to my mom and all she said is 
“Why do you want a cat anymore in real? You got an awesome one. She shrieks, she jumps, she curls her tail, she gives you winks and what not!” I loved my mom’s words."
  Even if my blog flourishes or withdraws, Chakki will stay on the right hand corner of it. I will never delete my blog nor set my home on fire, because she is there. I have to take care of her, more than I do myself. I love her.
 So hereafter wards, all the visitors who come to my blog, 
bring my Chakki’s favourites; biscuits and coconut crumbs

 Remember, it is time.....time to get a life,
 ~when you stay half asleep throughout the day and half awake through out the night
~when your Breakfast turns to be your Lunch and Lunch turns to be your Dinner
~when your mom asks you, ‘what were you doing staying awake till 3am ,your dad calls you and says, "You are actually lazy in the head.You know you have lot to do, yet you do nothing."
~when you are mad at something and do not even know the reason WHY.
~when others tell you ‘Goodnight’ and you know that you are going to stay insomniac
~ when you ask too much questions to yourself and others for which you already know the answer
~when you know you have “something” in you, which others do not have and you set on in search of that “something”

 But nevertheless, I love them and still I want to stay insanely sane (for the time being at least)

 There are some-things I love to revisit to. There are few books, poems, many songs, and lot of movies; I go back to again and again an each time they give me different answers
.They take the charm out of my heart, when I am happy. They get out my tears taking away the pain out of my chest, when I am sad.I can listen to a song at night that can make me smile and cry at the same time.Nothing gives me much happiness than me discovering a new track and knowing that I am falling in love with it. It can never go jealous. It never backstabs me. It stays with me all the time and sings to me as much as times I want. Whatever I do, whether I am working or dreaming away, whether I am awake or asleep, it keeps on playing.

I am blessed. I feel, I see, I hear ….and I love my sense intact!!
 I live. I exist.

P.S:  I see that there are lot of visitors and page views on my blog.I am happy about it. 
  Yet followers....not so happy. I know you view, you read... then why don't you follow.
       A dedication for all music lovers...

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