Monday, November 14, 2011

Turning 25

Do you know, what is my biggest achievement on Birthday?

I have become a girl, who can shamelessly acknowledge on my blog that I have turned 25 on the 12th of November. Being back to the space, which I myself consider as Home, it is time to reflect upon the moments of 'Turning 25'.

As usual, I received messages and calls saying, Happy Birthday to You
The people from whom I expected a call, never called and wished me. But the ones from whom I least or never expected it, called and wished me. That makes much difference. Hope you got it….

A Facebook friend has drawn my picture and gifted me. He made my eyes look wonderful and I fell in love with it. 

A friend has written a poem about me. Though his sister writes poems so beautifully, I never thought that he would posses the trait. But he proved he has. I love its rhythm

Many Happy returns of the Day…

May you Rock and Party Dance and Sway…
And all the Gods In Many Heaven Pray

That more should be Bestowed Like you
For people like us to, remain without a clue…

For all I know That I am incomplete awe…
And accept to the fact  that you deserve a bow…

Not cause the beauty you have
That would be an understatement
Because of the generosity with
Which you rave…

For 12th November I would like to thank Christ…
Because of him both of us had a direct trust

Would never like to bid adieu…
Cause people like you are few…

Lines and emotions which written above
But can never match yours…
Cause I am an Eagle and you a Dove….

But your Birthday would always
Make me happy and Act as Cure

I hope this has  brought a smile…
Cause for me to learn it will take a while

Nonetheless its you who is my Benchmark
So even if I aim at the stars I will reach river Nile….

Many more Happy Returns of the Day….

Some of my friends have wished me so wonderfully

I have received the gifts before and after my Birthday….
 I was told,what  has happened on birthday follows me throughout the year and I managed not to get up from my bed till :P
My two Birthday dresses were red in colour. I am crazy enough to associate the red to 25
A rose is a rose is a rose. I got a bouquet of 25 red roses, which I had further presented to Mamma Mary & Jesus of Room No 20 (which is my own room)
 I had few extraordinary hours on the day, which I would like to term as MYSTERY
One of my Best Friends’ wished me by the end of the day and I love it.

 'Turning 25' - Underlined Thoughts

1) You both have made me what I am. Even if I yell at you, fight with you or push you away, you both love me unconditionally. I may not have become what you wanted me to be. But wait for that day; I will make you feel proud of me – your one and only proud daughter.

2) How happy the life is to go without Marriage! :)

3) Our Friendship - I just can’t talk about us in words, it is just beautiful.

4) For few scandal mongers - Don’t take my silence for granted. I know to put down you in the way you think. You don’t have anything to do in my life. Just get lost from my way

5)  I will become Dr.Ashitha Varghese by my next birthday

 6) If I can create a blog, add widgets and gadgets  with head full of patience and emerge out my creativity , I can do pretty much anything into my life, if I put my mind to it.

 7) Mobile phones and internet can be numbness at times. Sometimes, it is nice to be totally disconnected with the world, except from YOU, YOU and YOU too

 8) I am happy about a Brother and Sister (gonna be sister-in-law), whom I got at 25

 9) Remember it is 25, not 2+5

 10) And now I am lost in the A.R.R’s magic of Rockstar. It is not just 5 or 6, but 14 tracks of single album.Listening to them makes me believe that I still exist. Absolutely in love with you A.R.R <3

P.S: Nothing, but randomness.Will come back with a READ enough post soon :)


  1. Every year is a learning. Good you put down your thoughts. Next year the thoughts you put down might surprise you, or these words above itself might surprise you... it's a long journey... and all the best for that journey..

  2. So nice to go thru ur lovely see the beautiful life thru ur eyes, views....God bless u dear<3

  3. Speaking out wat we feel, is not easy...N when you do that on your birthday, its still very difficult.... but u had celebrated it well here Achoose....^ _ ^ Cute portrayal of love from your dear ones and your love for them through these words....

    This too shall pass, so be happy that it happened... alle?? ^ _ ^ Enjoyed reading it dear ^ _ ^

    P.S . Ende padam vechilla :-(

  4. Abhietta - Ya, I knw it would be so..I would be staring at this post with a wonder. Thank u so much :)

  5. Mukthechi - Thank u so much for ur encouragement <3

  6. Gayutty - Thank u so much. I added the pict. U might have missed it seeing. Go through the post once again :P
    Thank u so much Gayutty...
    P.S. You always have a special place in my heart :)

  7. I wish a wish for You.Its a wish I wish for few.
    The wish I wish for You is that all your wishes come true. So keep wishing as my best wishes are always with You.

  8. Thank u for ur lovely wishes Anto chetta :)


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