Sunday, November 20, 2011


With no prologue, no names, I begin. All about HER.
Not many words. . Her name speaks for her. And it is SHE.
Do you know her? Probably, not.
 I wish I could tell you a story about her. But I can’t. 
I don’t know her fully.
As no one knows about her fully, I take liberty to write about her and this is dedicated to HER.

This is for HER, who possessed mysterious eyes, sensuous lips and played with clips and bands. Yes, the one who loved bangles and earrings. The one, who lived between colors and flowers & talked to HER
 “Guardian Angel”,

This is for HER who dumps her negativity at night, somewhere in the middle of dark, may be through a pen or paper or even between the spaces of those keys, when her hands move to type.  HER place can be a Blog or Diary or even a Text message she sends. Yet all loved those, for it stringed an air.
At times, wetting her pillow with tears and she loved them both
the pillow as well as her tears

If we look into HER words, we will know that she is somewhere between smiles and tears, sorrow and joy, shore and sea, earth and sky, rather dreams and reality.
she herself doesn’t know where she is. Struck between the edges of Yesterdays and Tomorrows, she lives HER Today’s’.

Men fell for HER easily, but she always walked away their hearts pushing them away, knowing that they would make love to her but nobody would ever love HER. SHE said it is the raw passion and desire, all men felt for HER. SHE passed across the vulture eyes alone, all alone.

But now ask HER to talk about something and she tells you all about LOVE and Him. Is she in Love?  Nobody knows the answer.
SHE often said, “No man is born to touch my soul”

Yet, SHE believeD in Love and took the way as it is. HE may not be HER’S, yet SHE loved him
SHE puts up a brave face, not because SHE is happy but because she doesn’t want others to laugh at HER irony. SHE is the girl who wanted to grow up and yet wanted to remain as a Child
SHE is the girl who loved HER mother’s cradle as well as loved to cradle HER man.

SHE - the one who got obsessed with impossibilities, and longed to possess them all. SHE is the darling to many, pampered by all, yet she ran away from all of them, just because she lived on her OBSESSIONS

And she dreamed of  Paradise :)

SHE wanted to be loved, loved in secret because SHE loved secrets 101.
SHE loved those seven nights. SHE smelled jasmine. SHE clicked the old woman, next her door. SHE talked to those puppies and cats, which lay on the road.

 SHE loveD herself strangling between the sureties and uncertainties, tossing the head and tale of a one rupee coin often, “He loves me” or He loves me not” And she smiled, when it tossed, “He loves me”.
SHE loveD a man, who smiled to see HER go confusing yet loved loved and loved HER for coming HOME to him. The girl, who loved to lean on his chest and whisper, “I love you”, but never dared to live with him,.

This is my girl (as I write I love HER) who went blind to all those who spoke high and low about HER. The one, who continue staying as the MOON when street dogs barked and giggled, SHE knew what SHE possessed. SHE loved to laugh at the many who envied HER because SHE knew SHE possessed a man, the eyes and a pen,  wHat others would envy for.

She loved rain but never wanted to get wet.
She loved to take coffee but little, a little

SHE yelled, cried, smiled, laughed, kissed, loved, possessed all doing at the same time. She lived in extremes, unlike poles, ironies, paradox, love, hate, tears, smiles, moments and distance. ,

SHE never unveiled herself. SHE was weird and she found  a weird pleasure to stay so


And NOW see what Sigmund Freud, (our own Father of Psychology) has to tell about HER

“The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is "What does a woman SHE want(s)?"

Yes SHE is a WOMAN,
 neither I nor You or Him, knows

p.s:  My favorite song for HER, Which else would perfect HER other than this

SHE ran away in her sleep
Dreamed of para- para- paradise

Para para paradise

Para para paradise :) :)


  1. wonderfully written. word abound more than Natural.

  2. Sir, so happy to hear that. Nothing, but my disordered thoughts.
    Thank u. Thank u so much for ur encouragement!!

  3. bravo. write...write..write.. and more. u born for that buddy. god bless. :-)

  4. Yes Cherietta, I wish so..Thank u so much :)

  5. awesome chechi... a big thanks to SHE.........

  6. Saranya, thanks a lott dear. Yes SHE is awesome and SHE lives in all women now and then. Once again Thank u baby :)

  7. Loved it!!...This is Highly Admired work chechi... U are an Excellent Writer :)

  8. Thank u so much Archana kutty :)


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