Saturday, November 5, 2011


She sat there looking at him from the corner of her black drawn eyes. She looked absolutely stunning in her fine red Georgette embroidered salwar.  None could have resisted themselves, stealing a glance of her that day.  But here he is sitting with a mug of coffee, working on an article in his laptop.

She has been always proud of herself that she is the most beautiful woman in his life. Yet, she is desperate for his attention.
 She asked herself,

“Am I not beautiful? Uhhh!! Come on, Girl! Believe in You. Don’t let him pull you down”

 It is been 30 minutes, since she has arrived to him. He passed her an incredible stare to tell his anger and apart from that no words or sentences uttered to make her comfortable from her trust issues, sharing issues, mental issues and all sorts of insecurities, they have been facing in their relation.
 Her thoughts in silence spoke,

“How possessive you have made me become! You are mine.”

 She has grown too emotional about their relation that she couldn’t stand even others’ shadow falling on him.

She always has a reason to say, “You made me fall”.

She has made herself in one of her best looks to catch his fall again.
She couldn’t stand the way he remained unaffected by her presence. It is hard for her to catch his eyes, for this had never been a need for her. The only thing she has to do is to give a magical stare with her story-telling eyes for all the men to queue her up with proposals.

“Good, don’t look at me! You and your damned article”, her thoughts screamed aloud.

Her imagination is running wild. She felt to fling away the laptop from him and sit on his lap facing him. She wanted to hold him in the most painfully tight way. She wanted to smell like him forever. All she wanted is him.

She got paranoid. She blamed herself, 
I shouldn’t let this go on. Hell no! I got to put an end to the issues. He is mine. I have to keep him, happy. I will make it alright now”

She slowly began twirling her beautiful long hair strand in fast movements. Her gestures distracted him from his work and his eyes traveled on her.
“Oh my goodness!” she smiled to herself.

He finally uttered his words,

“I am sorry …I can’t take up this stress anymore. Of course, I LOVE YOU and I want to continue to love you. For that, we can’t go on like this. You stay happy and take good care of you.”

Her face turned expressionless. But he noticed. She is torn. He hunted for one another sign of her pain and found nothing. Looking at her eyes, he felt that he is falling in love with her over and again.

“Where are you heading to?” She managed to ask him with a deep voice

“I mean for a ‘break up’, absolutely with no second thoughts”

She heard it finally. She stood still for two minutes. She stopped herself from arguing with him further and made her mind to accept his decision, with ‘no second thought’

She said, “Okay, fine! Go on. Perfect Decision. Let us part.”

With a lifeless smile on her face, she got up from her seat and began to step out of the room slowly, very slowly.

Her mind is numb. She felt as though she is drugged.  He placed the coffee mug on the table and asked her in a melodious tone

“So where are you going now?”

With so much of emptiness in her eyes, she stared at him and replied

“Why do you want to know all that? Now that we have broken up and we are not each others. I am not yours anymore. I hate you”

She exploded with her teary eyes.

He hastily turned to her, held her by her shoulders and faced her. When his eyes met hers, he could see a stream of tears running down her cheeks hysterically

“My girl, what you experienced right now is a nightmare. I am very much yours….only yours. Don’t you know that?”

She stared at him and said, “Damn! Go, No need. Go away!”

She slapped him hard and looked at him with eyes full of tears. She dropped into the chair closed her face and wept as if there is no one in the room.He sat there incredibly looking at her, wondering at the intensity of emotions happening between them. He felt distressed for failing to understand her seriousness.

He dragged her towards him by her arm, hugged her tight and whispered

“I love you deee. I am yours”

 She covered her face into his chest, holding his shirt tightly that unknowingly her nails plowed into his skin. Here is when; he realized the emotional trauma, she has been going through

She lifted her face, looked at him with her wet eyes and said, “I love you so much. Please know me. You are mine”

With a soothing smile on his face, he wiped off her tears and the eye liner which got spread on her face. He gently moved the hairs from falling on her face and made her rest ‘once more’ on his chest.
Drowning close to his heart, her thoughts sounded in silence

“What happened to me? Where is all my emotional stability gone?”

And she replied to herself

“Yeah, I know... This is love…. true love.”

She closed her eyes and found herself relieved.

Love is knowing that its much more than you think

P.S : I don't know what made me write this. But it tells that I believe in Love and the Moments....

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