Monday, November 28, 2011

What If Mullaperiyar collapses??

Note: The post is not intended to make any kind of animosity with Kerala and Tamil Nadu.  
I pity and feel shame on the ones, who are taking it as a chance to make enmity between us for we know, WE are NOT.
 Well, it has nothing to do with Kerala Vs Tamil Nadu because for anyone who thinks beyond knows, more than all that we are all INDIANS. We need each other and we know, we feel and we sense the ‘togetherness’
We experienced it many times before. We fought against all the threats together, with one soul and one heart, hand to hand.  Take it, Tsunami or Terrorist attack. We learnt how critical those were and even when we had tears, yet to wipe about them, we stood together, fought together. 
BUT know, now, what if, Mullaperiyar collapses??
Less than 4 million victims from the districts of Idukki, Kottayam, Pathamthitta, Alapuzha and Thrisur, despite education, power, wealth, fame –the corpses of millions float near and around, homes, fields, streets and everywhere. The city of Cochin will be under Arabian Sea and the Kerala will stand still. Port City of Cochin will not be in world map anymore.Fear to live a Life in uncertainty over the lives of our dear ones and possessions is the worst thing, a human (if human) can ever have. 

If disaster hits Cochin...( Vyttila Junction). A foreseen painting
Our friends and relatives say, “We sleep in fear without knowing whether we will be alive to see next sunrise ”. 
Who can tell us whether we will survive tomorrow or not?
Other than to pray for innocent souls (yes even, I include them) and to express as writing like this, strike through the disaster words, what else can I do?!

From the date world has begun, Politics exist and it will continue. But we will not be able to fix a price for the millions of mortals, who are going to be with the soil nor can we give back the loss of sanity of millions of fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters upon their death of dear ones??

And we still continue to pledge, “All Indians are my brothers and sisters”. Is this our brotherhood?  Do something brothers, sisters and our dear politicians (of both  the states), if you have a little humanity remaining in YOU.We know, YOU are safe, but not US. 
If not , none other than God would save Kerala. After all, it is God’s own country. 
My request to all who reads this, 
"Please raise your prayers to get us mercy and save our LIFE" 


PS: The Tamil (Malayalam) actor, Sarath Kumar deserves our applause for he has expressed    his willingness to be a mediator to resolve the issue. He has the sensibility to say something like this.  

                                       A must watch video         


 P.S.S: I know it is very much a negative post. But there are times, we have to gather all negatives and dump it away to get the positives. 

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