Monday, January 16, 2012


Silence tonight

I know, nothing is going to be changed overnight. Your absence is not going to make a bit difference for I know you will be back with a knock on the door and I will serve your morning tea.   

The distance is nothing above our ‘journey to the bond’. But, deep inside it sounds as a sigh and drives me to a perfect emptiness. Interestingly, it serves as one more leaflet to be  added to the Book of Bond

 The space is empty and lone. No lights, no sounds, no life.   I can’t stay back there alone after you have left. The DISTANCE is less…lesser than we had ever expected. Yet, I can’t watch the DISTANCE . It is the distance between you and me. All I want to do is a shut down, a disconnection and  hence to love the ‘silence’ tonight.As much as we mean to each other, I get into this night and love its silence

 Come to HOME safely and let me break all my silence like the wind. I know, there will be a knock on the door and it will be YOU. I will feel all of YOU…and it will be all about us. 

P.S:   Stray thoughts while closing the doors shut. Call it raw, smell it  
           unedited ,drive weird and go crazy :) lol

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