Tuesday, May 1, 2012

For all those who are Young, Young at Heart !!

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A Country side trip,hitting desolate roads, breaks in steamy tea stalls, stopping by the beauty of woods, humming back to birds, eating mangoes from road side trees, clicking the moments, me, mummy, daddy, granny,chips, vadai, bonda and some smiles :) :)  

My slipper torn off and I had to walk some miles in a forest with my bare feet. I loved this moment where Mother Earth wanted to feel my feet's warmth...We blessed each other...

When I reach my 70’s, I will compile the series of moments,(without editing) to look at it from a distance, perceive its beauty and smile to myself. The very thought that I had passed through such beautiful moments in my journey would give me happiness (as if I am knowing it for the first time).  It will be called as the ‘Book Of my Life’ and it is my wish to show it out to my naughty grandchildren. Am I sound confusing? Or is it the clarity that makes it sound confused? I know, the more I go clear with my thoughts and dreams, the more confusing it may appeal to others. 
Even though this is my insane half speaking and it knows no language, I mean what I say. I want to write a book about my LIFE, picking up those ‘this and that moments'.
 An intuition tells me that my grandchildren  are going to peep in this Granny’s virtual blog.When they are my own blood, can't I expect that? And I love it  if the youngest among them, plays with my Chakki poocha !! It may sound crazy but you can't expect anything sensible from a dreamer pretending to be a 25 Female. My imagination can run wild and may hit even the moment where, I give tips for my grand son to propose a girl. Before letting it go too far, here is something sensible I would like to share.

Here is a National Trust's list of 50 things to do in nature.
1)   Climb a tree
2)   Roll down a really big hill
3)   Camp out in the wild
4)   Build a den
5)   Skim a stone
6)   Run around in the rain
7)   Fly a kite
8)   Catch a fish with a net
9)   Eat an apple straight from a tree
10)    Play conkers
11)         Throw some snow
12)         Hunt for treasure on the beach
13)         Make a mud pie
14)         Dam a stream
15)         Go sledging
16)         Bury someone in the sand
17)         Set up a snail race
18)         Balance on a fallen tree
19)         Swing on a rope swing
20)         Make a mud slide
21)         Eat blackberries growing in the wild
22)         Take a look inside a tree
23)         Visit an island
24)         Feel like you're flying in the wind
25)         Make a grass trumpet
26)         Hunt for fossils and bones
27)         Watch the sun wake up
28)         Climb a huge hill
29)         Get behind a waterfall
30)         Feed a bird from your hand
31)         Hunt for bugs
32)         Find some frogspawn
33)         Catch a butterfly in a net
34)         Track wild animals
35)         Discover what's in a pond
36)         Call an owl
37)         Check out the crazy creatures in a rock pool
38)         Bring up a butterfly
39)         Catch a crab
40)         Go on a nature walk at night
41)         Plant it, grow it, eat it
42)         Go wild swimming
43)         Go rafting
44)         Light a fire without matches
45)         Find your way with a map and a compass
46)         Try bouldering
47)         Cook on a campfire
48)         Try abseiling
49)         Find a geocache
50)         Canoe down a river

Isn’t it interesting enough to share when I know that happiness of life rests in such moments? I was carried away into Nature, while reading this and I hope you would have the same kind of feel.I am happy just like a fish in water and will be happy till the water gets contaminated. 
I had already undertaken more than half of the activities of this list. And now in more wonder to explore the rest. .
I am planning to come out with weekly posts. Unless I set out something like this, I know my blog will be stagnating. So here the resolution of my weekly posts - my little dose of Sweet Nothings' will knock at your doors hereafter on every Sundays. I know, 'I am a PhD scholar and since I am not supposed to spend my time blogging', I can't write all the time. But I can't stop writing because when I write, I feed my soul. So I don't want to let my soul starve. 
I am not positive all the time, but I am trying to grow up and nurture my positive thinking. So here I am positive about my Sunday posts and I believe I will be able to make it, however screwed up I become. All days are not Sundays. Only Sundays are Sundays and so I will write on Sundays. 
So, forsake not my blog, forsake not my little Chakki..follow my blog and keep peeping in :)

Lie down on  the lap of Mother Earth

To wet the SOUL

If Paper boats  can come home Dreams can also come True!

Climb upon a tree.Fall down , fall down to RISE

P.S: For all, who are  young ,young at heart  and specially for ‘my grand children who will read this after 50 years’ …

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