Friday, June 8, 2012

Feeling at Home

As we always say, there is nothing as much great as ‘feeling at home’. What does it really mean?

Is it the smile of those green plants which takes you to the home or the red door mat which welcome you right away?  Is it the pure aroma which comes from kitchen or those murmurs coming behind doors which you can spot out in no time?  Is it the staircase leading you to the bedroom doors or those pink curtains displayed around, which may even know your name?

Yes, it is the overall effect of our favorite surroundings and dear ones, we love.
My abode is my Paradise
This is what happens when I reach my bedroom….
If the happiness comes out of comfort; my comfort zone would be at its best.  The comfort, which is much more than world’s costliest five star hotels, can offer. I unwind….I relax… A minute later or two, my hair catching clip would be seen hanging on the pinky curtain, duppattas along with the bed spreads, books dumped in the corners, display of coffee mugs on the table,  remains of chips packets here and there and what not, without missing a single thing, each and everything gets messed up, misplaced and disordered. But I religiously believe that it is the process of merging…merging of me and my belongings into my surrounding. By the end of day, when I look around, I feel all the solace of the world in my tiny room…a feel at peace and I realize I am at Home. This is a freedom which you can’t get anywhere else, but only at your door, your home...  The place I take shelter, when life seems gray and sick.

             a corner to unwind, undo and be the self
 A Home is Home because it brings out the memories of several ‘first moments’ and sentiments, which you can’t relate to anything else. The walls and roofs which had seen you growing up…the doorways and window panes which had shown  you the days and nights, the cozy bed ,huggable pillows, which had known your tears and smiles, the green plants and trees, which had grown up along with you … above all, those only shoulders on which you can rely in your good and bad times . Yes, lovable parents who protects you as if you are a just born.

It is the place from where I had learnt, light is Day and night is Dark, the place where I had known Rain is Rain and Thunder is Thunder, the place from where I knew I got all the senses intact and yet I can live…to be more precise, the place where I can breathe once and live twice.

 P.S: The place where I learnt Mohanlal is a superstar,watched Chitram to infinity, grown up with my love to rain & Gandharvan and hummed Vaishka Sandhyea for the first time…The place to which I can never say a Goodbye because I know wherever I go, this is the place I long to come back..Home is the beginning and end of one’s destiny…


  1. yes... feels like home.. after reading your note dear...

  2. "Home is the place where they have to take you in".. I am gladly taking you in. Thanks a lot chechi :)

  3. Home is a heaven always..:-) Wonderful post..:-)

  4. @A Homemaker , yes :) thanks a lot.. Ur blog is awesome. I jus dropped in and yet to explore more. U r followed :)


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