Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Monsoon

It is the season to lend ears to the sound of raindrops and take a sip of hot coffee.

It is the season to listen to beautiful melodies and peep out at the damp grass and soaked leaves.

It is the season to be out of four walls and feel the smell of wet soil.
 It is the season to open windows and look out at the earth, which is green, green and greener. When sky showers the love to its darling Earth, we stay as mute spectators and sing to our hearts.

It is the season of sore throats and running nose. I know,I would consume dosage of antibiotics to get cured, but that is not going to change anything.I can't get out of my obsession with rain.

It is the season to walk with bare foot and feel those mud puddles. 

It is the season of umbrellas and those paper boats.

Yes, it is the season to fall asleep in tune of rainy night lullabies and get up to those freeze mornings in a sweet realization that ‘it is a rainy day’.

It is the season for romanticist to create epics of love and rain.

It is the season to cuddle up with a packet of chips and read those favorite fancies and fictions.

It is the season to do nothing but sit listening to the pitter patter of rain as it hits the porch and windows. Let our minds wander to that happy place which we rarely visit.

It is the season to cozy up…either a cozy partner or a comfortable blanket. The choice is yours.

It is the season of rain, thunders, lightning with some love and a little ‘nothingness’

It is the season of insanity, illogic and madness.
The season, where my alter ego is super excited

Through the half open window of my heart, I stare out and all I see is YOU, my love, my rain…my monsoon. It is June. It is monsoon…

It is our season…a season to reminisce Thoovanathumbikal, Clara, and love

Happy Monsoon Kerala

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