Saturday, June 16, 2012

Is it Art or HeArt?

Just when you think that everything in life is heading to a dot, every single cell and nerve of your body reminds that, ‘you are sick’, every ‘feeling true emotion tear you apart, every prayer go unanswered, every hope is dumped upon ‘what If’s, every dreams turn out to be a nightmare, all the things fall apart and life couldn’t be anymore in the path where you want it to be, God gives you a loose thread to hang upon. A thread that connects you to everything, that ever was meant to be redemption, a resurrection.

Hanging on to loose threads
When you feel that ‘time’ began to live your life with its healing medicines, you get a much more clearer vision of the thread, hanging right in front of you. You hold on to it without knowing the reasons, without knowing the rules but just for something to hang upon, loosely and lightly in the air. Slowly you began to realize that the thread which has liberated you is taking you to a new realm, a new space, a new surface This is known as the 'World of Art'

the realm where art discovers its hearts

You reach in the 'world of art' for the first time, you wouldn’t see anything other than some strange figments of imagination and those bits and pieces of tunes, words and images. You hum to those tunes, discover a paper and pen or screen and keys with which you begin to create pictures in your words. And to me, this is the divine process of ‘art discovering its artists’. It is all about the magic and power of art. It approaches you as a therapy. It heals you as a medicine. It gets into your body rediscovering every nerve and cell. Finally it transforms you into an artist, healed and cured. Sooner you realize people at the other end of the thread, who are good hearted, ready to listen and share the same frequency of your thoughts. Now you are more healed with those loved ones, who realizes you that 'you are unique, out of the ordinary and you have something in you which is not in others'. It sets your journey to 'reach the unreached'

If I were a happiest girl of this world who had met only good people, got only love and smiles and lived up all the expectations, I would not have really discovered where happiness lies.Fortunately or unfortunately, I am not one and so I blog, I write. I write for myself. I write for others. I write for those words which are yet to born and see the light of this world. I write for the sake of writing. I write because I want to keep those stones and pebbles out of my head and fill in the garden….Above all, I write because I am blessed to have people who are ready to listen to me. Moreover, when I move my pen and let it go, there is a peace – a peace that overwhelms me in the quite moments, that fills the lungs with air and eyes with tears because of the beauty it brings.  

Tragedies and Melancholies come up not only in the life of artists. It chases all, some live it as criminals, while others live it as Gods, some live it as patients, while others live it as Doctors, and some live it as victims while others live it as artists. The moment a problem is born, its solution too. It comes into your life in different shapes and series, may be as a loosely hanging thread, an unlearnt art, unheard words, unheard music, unknown people or unseen music. Life is strange because it has thorns which pricks you to Red and still scents you as sweet as a Rose.
 We hit all those unknown ways to fall down to rise up to fall down to rise up and thereby rediscovering the way. When it is done, we all need to have a space, an outlet to dump out those ‘darkness’ , negative feelings, depressions and to born anew - a space which is somewhere between a paper and pen or in the middle of that screen and keys ;a redeeming outlet which transforms those depressions into creativity. We discover it somewhere between a sunset and sunrise without knowing that we are actually discovering.

 We are all stories in the end and it is one such story, POST SANDHYA ERA, yes the name speaks it all. The work by one of a friend of friend, Lenin Subhash , who has built up an art out of his stress to discover the artist in him, transformed his sadness into creativity, accumulated his tears behind those camera and lens and made the ‘short film – post sandhya era’ out of life’s better and bitter, just as another ‘Karthik’ of ‘Vinnithandi Varuvaya’… When you seek a ‘HEART’ the God takes way the ‘HE’ (or a SHE) from it and leaves you with an ART. The only thing is that you must have an eye to see and accept it without brooding over life just for the loss of a ‘HE’ or ‘SHE’.

P.S : Live life to its fullest because you are capable of doing it till the day you can breath. Live and yell out to the world that you exist. Let the generations talk about you for at least once in their life. 

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