Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our Time is not Our Time... (An abstract)

P.S: A thought from Director P.Padmarajan's short story 'Aparan

I am lost....The clock strikes 5.35 pm. This means my lost mind and all the watches of the world are passing through the time, between 5.30 and 5.40. 
"I will wait near the over bridge by 10.30. Will you come?"
 "The bus is at 1.30. A beautiful chic comes in it everyday."
"There is rush in the canteen.Time is 4’o clock."
".…the flower-seller is calling. It is 5.30. Let me have my tea in the mess."
"Come fast,the hotel closes by 9.30 
or we may have to sleep with empty stomach tonight." 
"The neighbors lights are off. So it is 11 o’clock. Let me sleep now.I want to get up early..."

Yes, it is time, not just because our clock needle is right.It is time because all the watches of the world are rotating. Our time is not really our time.It is someone’s routine.Are we not living upon other’s time zone? Is not, our time spinning on others needles? Sit back and Think….

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