Monday, July 2, 2012

When journey is the destination.......

 ‘Love what you do and feel that it matters’…. What could bring one more happiness? You possess something which others do not have and when you know that, it really counts… the feeling is like breathing ‘peace’ in the air. I am in such a state because today is one of those happy days of my life.  I cried a lot. Not because of the pain but, because of its relief. Isn’t it happy to know that someone trusts you and gives you the freedom to take the road, less traveled by or not taken by others? I am taking a new footstep, new path in my research journey. Of course, a less trodden one and that is the beauty of it.I was emotionally overwhelmed, knowing that my Sir (Supervisor) has still kept his trust upon me. Even when, I am running as slow as a tortoise or stay as idle as an ugly worm that was not ready to come out of cocoon (even after the metamorphosis); he didn’t question my ability, he didn’t give up his confidence.  He still believes that one day, the tortoise will steadily hit the success point and the ugly worm will come out as a beautiful butterfly to soar in the heavenliness. I am bounded to the freedom and support he gives. 

My research is something which I am obsessed with. And today, I have taken up a new challenge, which is probably the last phase of my journey. Hence forth, it is all about the research of my own research. Isn’t it pretty, when process itself is the product? My soul is going to become my research subject.Let the world and nations echo of, what is happening within me, while I am doing a research. Let it transform me into a better person. Not for better tomorrows, but for the best of today’s. This journey is weirdly beautiful. I don’t want it to end. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it. Life is not about reaching a destination. It is all about, how well you take up your journey, enjoying every bit and chunk of it.

Feel it now, not lately
Everything is happening,
The unknown, the distant, the near

The horror, the irony, the traces

The heaven, the hell,

The tears, the smiles,

The research

The Research of research

The moments,

The life,

Everything is happening,

And it happens,
When journey itself is the destination...


  1. keep moving. You can do it all.Good Luck!

  2. Thanks a lot Maneesh for all the encouragements :)

  3. Dropped here for the first time. It was a nice read. Particularly, the line 'This journey is weirdly beautiful'.

  4. Cartic, thank u so much for stopping by. Got ur comments in the Indiblogger and I was going through "The Lubberwort"..Beautiful space. Weird people look at life as weirdly beautiful. I got it that u r one such reading the XYZ about you. Speaking out the heart is fun and weird. Once again Thanks...Happy Blogging :)


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