Friday, August 10, 2012

Because they say, I am a Woman...

 Words can make you smile or it can make you cry. It can be true or  it can be false. It can soothe you soft or it can cause you bleed. It can hurt or it can play. And when it serves both the purpose, we call it Paradox. It can echo back to you. And so, I like Paradoxes just like that.

 Here is a paradoxical poem written by the woman in me. The source of inspiration being set from Paulo Coelho's   book, Eleven Minutes, here is my cup of tea for you..  Enjoy the play of words without forgetting to look behind the thoughts it leaves, after the reading. It is simple as ever but its essence is in its depth. So sip it to its last drop...

I am the pleasure...I am the pain
I am the logic contained an illogical
I am the enemy of my own friend
I am the rejoice of my own loss
I am the mother. I am the daughter
I am the smile filled with tears
I am the traveler inside those four walls
I am the ego of the self-less
I am the safety zone of  danger
I am the secret gossiped by Public

I am the loneliness of a noisiest street
I am the kick inside a forbidden fruit
I am the reality read in a fiction
I am the tear drop filled with smiles
I am the words uttered in silence
I am the weakness of the strong
I am the body without a soul
I am the virgin. I am the whore
        I am the insanity exhibited by the sane
 I am the heartlessness of the heart

I am the sin of a Saint
I am the peace born out of pain
I am the addiction of the De-addicted
I am the gravity. I am the threshold
 I am the intimacy of a stranger
I am the quarrel of the lovers
I am the resolution, unbroken
I am the mystery of meanings
I am the insecurity behind the locks
I am the rule broken by freedom

I am the beauty that is so ugly
 I am the wife who is unmarried
I am the angel. I am the devil
I touch, but I cannot not feel
I sleep, but I cannot close my eye
I watch, but I cannot see 
I feel, but I cannot cry
I speak, but I cannot mean
I walk, but I cannot move 
  I breathe, but I cannot live

I am a possibility but I have to be a paradox
I am an independent but I have to depend
I am permitted but I have to be a forbidden
I am near, but I have to be far
I am touched but I have to be an untouchable
I am the lover in love, but not loved
I am the wife, after divorce
I am the mother of my son, but desolated
I have everything, but I have nothing

I love, but I don’t love
 I want, but I don’t need
         I have to be what I have not,
Because they say,
 I am a woman
the woman in love, 
who never loved at all…
Yes, I am a Woman 

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