Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Till Eternity...

Teachers Day is on the corridors and how can I keep myself silent? 
 Moulding up the next generation is not a silly thing .It is definitely, the noblest of all the professions. Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions.  We can’t grow up our life without a Teacher. Somewhere at some point of time, you meet that person who is respectable enough to be called with the term, Teacher  And there begins all the dreams with that person, who believes in you, who tugs you, pushes you and leads you to the next plateau,  sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called truth said, me not.. words of Dan Rather
 Once I was a student. Now, I am a Researcher and tomorrow, I am gonna be a Teacher. I can write epics about teaching, but not now...Because, on this Teachers Day of 2012, I have grown up to a Researcher, who can’t think of any names other than Dr.P.Nagaraj, my respected Guide. It doesn’t mean that I forgot to recall,rest of my teachers. But it means that, my student life is about to end within few months of time and being on the top of it, all I can see at its first glimpse is Him,because….

With softest steps, he entered into my world
 He told me things about myself that I never knew
He broke one inhibition after another without causing the slightest hurt
Without uttering a word, he stood by me when I need him the most
He stood for me in each and everything, protecting me like a shelter
He taught me never to give up those dreams and hopes
 He reminded me, sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t

He showed me how to survive amongst the weirder people with weirder thoughts
He never grumbled/ argued / judged /imposed…but just let me be
He believed in me, and mended me be, what I am today
He helped me to try my best with his mind, full of patience
He spoke to me compassionate words and gave me timeless attention

He didn’t teach me rather, he let me think
He didn’t insist me to follow rather,
He provided me the space to discover,
He didn’t cage me inside books, rather
He sustained me to create epics
 He didn’t lock me up inside those four walls rather
He showed me those mountains to climb up

I can’t thank him enough for sowing in me the passion,
I will carry along with me through the rest of my life
And it is one of the best'est things happened
 I became his scholar and He became my Guide
Knowing him was becoming me

 My Awakener, My Guide, My Friend
My Mentor, My critic, My Philosopher,
 My Guardian, My Supervisor,
The Teacher, who touched my heart and mind
The Persona, who influences me till eternity
My dearest Sir 

Happy Teachers Day
all the Teachers



  1. Awesome way to say thanks and to admire the best teacher.. :) :)

  2. That was lovely :) Indeed the 'best'est' way to thank him ;):)

    1. Thank u Anish..best'est teacher deserves it :)

  3. Thats a truly remarkable thing to do on a Teachers day! A very moving poem as well!

    1. Thanks a lot, Rupertt.. Pages off Life is indeed a beautiful space. I am there too :)

  4. Very beautiful poem dedicated teachers..Beautiful poetry...Straight from heart!

    1. Thank you so much Sri Valli for dropping in..Glad that you liked it :)

  5. Thank u so much Sri Valli...Glad that u liked it :)

  6. Beautiful poem dear sis ashi........


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