Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Behind those closed doors

A few moments ago, 
opening up her purple streaked umbrella, she got down from the bus. Local buses, that ran between her home and office, that passed by a market and the convent school and that carried her to and fro, except for today. And today, she got down in between, without picking up her son from his school or going to the vegetable market. Yes, she got in between. Passing by the bare withered trees, she entered into an unfamiliar avenue.  A dramatic busy street, where nobody startled, nobody cared. Among the hundreds walking across the street, she was one. Entering into the compound of apartment, she raised her head to see the top of the building, but she couldn’t. The rain drops still continued its fall. 

She stood for a while under the search board of residents list and took the elevator. On the third or fourth, there is the house of a man who taught piano classes to some..some of his friends, some of their children and so. She might have reached the fourth floor to find in a place where she can send her little son for his piano lessons. There was a security guard instructing some workers, standing near the floor that wouldn’t even spare a stare as the woman would walk in his house and they shut the door. 

And downstairs stood, the middle aged man with an eye on her, watching at her every move, trying to draw out her intentions. Why was a beautiful woman like her going alone to the house of a young man, and at this time?  In the rainy afternoon, when nobody is home. He had been made to believe that she was going to engage in something illicit. Something out of the so called morality, a man and woman must be expected to abide by. They are going to do something that would bring a shame to both and destroy two individuals, two families and an entire society. 

Torn between the thoughts of a middle aged man and the shut door of the apartment, we really do not know, why did she go there?  What goes on behind the shut door? Is she discussing on her son’s piano classes or is she doing something else with the man? Or is she the melody by which he played his piano ever?  May be…Man’s curiosity will never end. But sometimes unknowing is much better than to know. Because,  knowing is Human and unknowing is Divine…


  1. Rhythmic were those words you write...
    ...and you have in this post you have provoked the "Man's curiosity" in me... something I really have to think about :)

  2. It was very useful for me. Keep sharing such ideas in the future as well. This was actually what I was looking for, and I am glad to came here! Thanks for sharing the such information with us.


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