Monday, February 20, 2012


 Wind is blowing on her face. There is a stare circling in her eyes,while hundreds of people are near around. Standing at their usual meeting corner of the station, she knew he would reach within another odd eighteen minutes. She leaves behind one half of the day to come back and live it’s another half. It is her break. She doesn’t have to be anything. She doesn’t have to wear a mask. She doesn’t have to meet those faces. Among the hundreds of unknown faces, which she might never see again, she felt a sense of getting lost. The moment she is closest to herself, she heard his voice, “Come, let’s go”

Half listening to the track playing inside the car, she sensed a silence. It lasted as serene, blissful and calm. But when the same silence began to make too much of noise, she looked at him, looking for something.Looking for what?

 She wonders what it would feel like. She wants to let him go, feel all the hurt and pain and then to breathe in all the darkness creeping around. She wants to forbid her ability to remain happy and smile.

She has already practiced things to say. She wanted to hit him and accuse him lot.She wanted to put an end. But she knew her soul wouldn't be satisfied that it has lost him.

But all on a sudden, as a spark, he touched her fingers and looked at her.Nothing existed now. No agreements. No disagreements. No thoughts. No nostalgia. It is perfect silence.

She looked into his eyes for lust. But this time there is none.She looked for love and there is none.

There had been fight over the acceptance. There had been fight over the insecurities. There had been fight over the reluctance. There had been fight over the possessiveness. They fight in silence where this time their silence has no voice.

She is looking into his soul with her infinite eyes. He gave her tight hug and all she could do is to hold him. She held him tight. She clutched him tight in her arms as if there is no tomorrow and wept.


He pulled her closer and said, “I won't let you go, Precious..Love you so much ”

She smiled to herself. She knows, SHE can never miss HIM. It is only a break. She leaves behind the first half of her time to come back and live with him it’s another half. 

                             P.S : A favorite track  ;-)

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