Sunday, October 28, 2012


It happened recently. Yes, I have discovered a beautiful blog, Coveted Dreams by Tanya Sehgal.  Blogosphere has blessed me with a good number of friends and writers. And she is definitely one of them.
I appreciate it that, she has initiated a word based game known as , Word-O-logy  for the fellow bloggers.

1.      You need to select 10 words from the below given series, comprising 55 words.
2.      Add a small post where you associate a word, phrase (not more than 2 words) in front of your chosen words.
3.      Link the URL of the post (not the blog) here.
4.      You have to submit your entries till Sunday night 12 pm. After that voting would start.
5.      Example of the Game,  Goa : Holiday, Roadtrip : punture  , Sunday : Movies.  These are just for exemplifying, you can choose any word from the vast sphere of your thought...
6.      You can either post the link or leave the URL in the comment section of Tanya's blog. Please comment as it would be better to track you easily for other!
7.      You can write the associated word either in English or Hindi (which ever you think suits best!)
8.      It's compulsory too mention Tanya's blog link in every post so that we can spread the word !!
   List of 55 words (choose any 10)

1. Rain     2. Friendship   3. Life    4. Money    5. Blogging   6. Love    7. Winters    8. October  9. Time 10. Idol    11. Facebook    12. Door    13. Fashion   14. Morning   15. Book(s)     16. Water   17. Las Vegas    18. India     19. Ego    20. Road Trip   21. Saturday  22. Monsoon   23. Hills   24. Maths    25. School    26. RockStar    27. Angel   28. Newspaper  29. Download    30. Teddies    31. Pink    32. Water   33. Black    34. Women    35. Cell Phone    36. T-Shirt    37. Jeans    38. Cricket    39. Dreams  40.Google   41. Scams   42. Luxury  43. Stress   44. God   45. Wedding   46. Experience   47. Shopping  48.Husband  49. Wife   50. Cynical    51.Criticism   52.Judge   53. Philosophy    54. Sunday    55. Elegance.

  Game is always fun. But more than that, (as Tanya mentioned) what matters is dropping comments, keeping in touch with fellow bloggers, meeting creativity and making new friends. I don’t want to stay out of this beautiful circle. While 30 more minutes, left for the contest to get over, here comes my entry

Rain  : Wet Earth
Blogging : Catharsis
Road Trip : Tea-stalls
Wedding :  Divine Knots
Wife :  Ripening fruit
Winters : Warmth
School : Second Home
Dreams : Safely Insane
Money : Selling soul                       
Women : Veiled

Support me with your votes here, if you find my entries sound interesting and different from the rest  ;-)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

On a Vijayadasami Day

Some places are like that..There would not be anything to see or there would not be anyone to meet. But we feel attached to it on some sentimental, emotional level.  There would not be anything important waiting for us, other than some deep, close to heart memories. You would have a true sense of roots. And yes,we call it personal because you alone can understand it. Deep within, you know that you belong there.  It is not necessary that you have to step inside those compound walls and breathe its air to drive nostalgic. Just the very name of it is all enough to remind your connection to that place - as the hospital where, you were born; as  the church where you received your Baptism or as the school, where you studied for the first time. 

 This is Kalakkath Tharavad at Killikkurissimangalam in  Lakkidi, near Ottapalam in Gods own Kerala. This is the good old ancestral house of great poet, Kunchan Nambiar.  

 I feel, I belong here. It  give a sense of bonding, a very special connection and it has a reason. This is the place where I opened my windows to that vast world of knowledge.  This is the place where I had written alphabets on that tray of rice grains. Yes, my Vidhyaramabam, happened here, on some 23 years back of now. More than anyone else, the narrow corridors and timbered roofs of his ancestral house would be remembering that beating pulse of little me.  When I marked the journey with my little fingers on those tiny grains then, I had never known that I would grow up to a 25 year girl to blog about it. I miss that 3 year old innocence, green pattupavadai and dad’s classic Yezdi bike, which took us to Lakkidi. 
 Despite, having an experienced grandmother, who had conducted the Ezhuthiniruthu  ceremony of all other members of our family ,my parents  took me to Lakkidi on a Vijayadasami Day. Irrespective of all the religious significance of being in a Christian family, they took me there. And I still wonder, why?

 Every year, I ask them, why did they, take me there rather than conducting the ceremony at home in the presence of elderly family members. Every time I ask, they say nothing about it. Till now, I didn’t get a proper answer.I know, certain questions are answer less and I can only smile to myself. It was written by Destiny.  I am happy that I belong to this place. It the place where the letters and alphabets are born to my fingertips. So I have a strong sense of attachment to here.

 Today one more, Vijayadasami  and I am particular that I want to post something on my blog. Years have passed, God has blessed me abundantly, but when it comes to Knowledge, I need it more, more and more. I know, I am greedy. But I can’t help it. I want to publish my Dissertation. I want to get a Doctoral Degree. I want to read beyond words. I want to write a book. Yes, that one book which is going to change my life and life of many others .I want to think, feel, imagine, read, write, love and learn till eternity…Yes, I am greedy with the blessings of alphabets written on those rice grains... 
  And, when I get into my Seventies, I want to visit,  Kalakkath Tharavad  with my granddaughter and say,  
My alphabets belong to this place

Monday, October 22, 2012

Embracing Heart

What really exists IS what really NOT. It is is because, once it was not. A thing really exists because there was a state of void, a non-existence or sometimes BECAUSE  its counter existed.  

Truth exists because there is a mystery.  An original exists because there is a duplicate. Love exists because there is hatred. Light exists because there is darkness. Union exists because there is separation. A Saint exists because there is a sinner. A winner exists because there is a looser. Sanity exists because there is insanity.  Pain exists because there is pleasure.Justice exists because there is injustice.  Urban exists because there is naive.  Clothing exists because there is nudity. Romance exists because there is tragedy. Literate exist because there is illiterate. Flawless exists because there is flaw. Humanity exists because there is cruelty. Logic exists because there is illogical. And undoubtedly, life exists because there is death.  

Each and every creation or phenomena  of this world  really exists because there is a C factor- the COUNTER factor, its opposite.. The plight or context which your curse today, might turn out as the fortunate situation that would change your whole life, tomorrow. I write because there is an empty file,a blank paper - the whiteness staring at me.

Hence , be thankful to the girl who broke your heart  now or a year back, for  if you have got a new life today, it is because she had left you, miserably.   Forgive the enemy who struck you down few months back , for if you are rising up today, it is because it is the one thing that  keeps you going even after the worst fall. Smile to the kid down your street, who called you fat, for if you stay beautiful now it is because she reminded you once, to slim down.. There is no reason to criticize anybody or  regret on anything in life; there’s always something to learn from it. 

People learn from experience and that’s what makes them who they are. No one is always in control of themselves. No matter how well they were brought up or how high their morals are. Hatred is only an illusion. It only takes time and bundles of understanding to grow to love again. This is what really makes things spiced-up. It  begins chill, it moves sweet, it tastes sour,it turns out bitter, it gets hot, it becomes alright  and sometimes it just bursts out. 

And when hearts do all the talking, the brains can only stare. Never regret for that.It shows that your true love can be your best friend. Your best friend can be your enemy and your enemy can be your lover. Yes, people can switch on roles..  Sometimes family seems to be the best place to stay on, but while other times, it is worst than ever hell can be. Sometimes. you can love them enough and sometimes you just cant love them. Things are really in the way, it is meant to be. A swami cant be a lover and a lover cant be a swami.
 There is just no logic, sometimes. 

Heart talks and brain can only stare ...
I learn it, in life...the girl whom I neglected for showing off has become my closest friend, the enemy who had once bumped behind has become my best friend, the female whom I treated as a bitch has become my favorite teacher, the boy whom I was felt once annoying has become my favorite companion,the man with whom I fought yesterday has become the one who with whom I shared the bed today...Yes, people can switch on roles; the best friend can  become a mother and mother can become a best friend. There is no other way. Everything will pass. World is the only better place to live.  Nothing can go too right or too wrong. 
 It is not about the happy ending,but it is all about the story... 
Till then; drink water, fetch woods, and walk the earth.

P.S : I know, what you are thinking now. what to do, holidays are coming up and couldn't  stop my philosophies  flooding...
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