Monday, October 31, 2011


A trip can be said as beautiful by the way it makes you feel, after it ends. And, this is the part I love most about any trip, more than the trip itself. If the moments’ can stay in our thoughts for more than three days, certainly call it as ‘magical’.
Recently I had such a ‘THINK AGAIN – TRIP’ to Attapady, very much unexpected, unplanned and unforeseen, may be that’s what makes it special to me. There are lot ways to keep it treasured. Though photographs can be one of the ways to THINK AGAIN and smile at it, but is not the BEST. To me, the best is to pen them down and get it archived somewhere so that one day, I can show it to my kids and tell them, “here are the magical moments of mummy’s life...” (If God wills)
One lazy Sunday morning, my mobile rings. Hysterically, reaching out my mobile under my white soft pillow, I saw it was Nagaraj sir (My Guide) calling.It was his random impulse to hit the Coimbatore – Anakkaty – Attapadi roads. And I tweeted “YES”, with no idea about duration or ‘destinations’. We didn’t plan it  rather it happened. We all gathered at HOD sir’s house by 9.30am and started in two vehicles.I, Lee (the Chineese student), Charly (M.phil scholar) are in Nagaraj sir’s vehicle; and Jaya mam(HOD sir's wife), Padmanabhan sir (Professor) and Hod sir in his own vehicle. 
Now a ‘must-known point’ to be known - Attapady is the educationally most backward pocket in the state of Kerala and  here is where I conduct my Research study. So remember, this is not my first visit to the place. Yet, I don’t feel much difference. Each journey to Attapady is a different experience, very much new and unknown so far. And I believe that, it would be the same feel, even when travel at my 90’s to the place.
Nagaraj sir is leading the road as all the others are first time visitors to the place. He drives as if driving to home. I love his acquaintance to my Research region. It gives lot happiness to the scholar in me. As soon as we started, I handed over a cd to Sir and he immediately turned the music player ON.  All of us are silent, immersed in music deep, apart from the few ‘questions’ rose by Lee (Chineese student of the Department). She has everything to ask about including houses, trees, cows and people, whom all we passed on the way. But I don’t think that any of us could fetch her convincing answers on anything she asked. I doubt if Lee’s middle name is a ‘WHY’. She always has a ‘WHY’ question to ask beneath each answer. 

Though this is going to be a narrative, these adjectives or sentence may not be enough to describe you the beauty of the place. So if you really want to know, I suggest you, after reading this, catch a bus and come down to the place. (But only after reading this :P)
Lee’s stock of questions has almost come to an end  and she also began listening to the music. Yet, in between she has some doubts on the movies and actors, while the songs went on. As we passed, the scooping down clouds caught my eyes.  The distance from the dreamy mountains to these clouds seem to be too small that I felt to measure it with a drawing scale. The roads led to panoramic 360 degree view of the hills. The Western Ghats stood tall amongst all of us….then hills, hills and hills; some carpeted by grass, some by rocks…some are barren, some are fertile…some are near and some are far. All of us were deeply into these ‘go views’ on the way. 
By 11.30 am, we reached the school, where I conduct my Research study.  As soon as we reached, I gazed at all our members including Lee to know what their expression is. All had smiles on their faces and I realized they are falling in love with the school atmosphere. This is our meeting point with Sindhu teacher.  From there she also has joined us and at last, we reached her house, the hexagonal castle. I felt a sense of belonging and pride taking the Guests to the place. Yes, it is very much my 'second home'

Can you guess the first sight that waited for us there?? Here, is it
A garden in which, Sindhu teacher has never planted all these. It is born very much natural. Knowing the story of Sindhu teacher that she is a person, who shifted to Attapady leaving her own city, out of her passion to serve the nature and land of Attapady, I can’t stop deriving the below lesson from the context… “Love Nature & She will love you back” . Sindhu teacher’s hexagonal castle is a place which anyone would fall in love with. Manu & Vava (Teachers kids) are happily playing. Whenever I see them, I envy them a lot. I would say they are the ones, who are most privileged because of Sindhu teachers’ migration to Attapady. Being on the mother lap of Nature, they enjoy lot than the happiness that any Pogo or Pizzeria’s may offer.
Absorbing the fresh flawless air and the very sight of vast green hills situated around, the visitors couldn’t get into the house.All got hooked up on the portico corner seat. Look at this picture. Isn’t it a habitat approach?

Know it. If you come to the land of Attapady, she will make you feel home

After having a wonderful tea session at Sindhu teacher’s home, we started to a Hamlet (where the tribal settlement live), which is quite nearby.
The Hamlet is a one more question to be asked on the welfare and culture of Tribal community, yet it has lot virtues of its own. I wonder how people can lead a social life in so much of peace and harmony. Moreover, Attapady is a mine of medicinal herbs. I imagine how they collect all these herbs from the forest and mix up everything in the right proportion, with no documentation, at all. This is perfectly a skill, the true science of life.    
Every time, I go to such hamlets, I stop by their tiny huts. They are too simple and handy that I felt like covering them inside my palm. However difficult, it might be to live in such a hut, we can’t stop admiring as it has a charm of its own.
We interrupted the children, who are happily playing in the heart of the hamlet. More than upon any of us, their eyes hit Lee. Perhaps, they might be blinking at the fair lady from another land. They surrounded around us like bees too curious, at the same time, too shy to stand with us for photographs. And see, this is their immediate response, when I pulled the camera out of my bag.

Somehow, Charli managed to catch them and we could get few clicks

The Tribes still try to preserve their arts and folk lore untarnished from the urban winds blowing.  They have a collection of their musical instruments stored in one of the huts. The person who took in-charge of it is missing and hence we couldn’t get the doors opened to the ‘history’. However, a good old man of the village could provide us little information about them.
 They use drums to accompany their dances. Though I had lot days spent in the place, I didn’t get a chance to watch Tribal dance. *Sigh sigh*, but then, there is always a Next time. However I know little bit about it from my students, who are from such hamlets. Each time, I ask them to sing their folk songs; they wanted a stick to make drum beats on the desk. From there on itself, I realized their obsession towards Drums. A drum is so much an indispensable instrument of their culture that it beats more than their heart beats. 

 Now, take a look at the below picture.Yes, my Guide Nagaraj sir with a ‘Beauty’ of the hamlet.  Look at her pretty bangles, silver chain and finger ring. Ask me the question; is it possible to make an old woman blush?? I will say, YES here.
Despite her floating white hair, she seems to be extremely fit and agile. Nagaraj sir asked her the age at which she could still blush and hide it. She said that she never counts her age, although we heard from Sindhu teacher that she is more than 90’s. Those wrinkles are only to the skin.At her heart, she is still a sweet 17.
Since long I have started my research, each time walking to the corners of hamlets, I have noticed something particular about the older ones. Most of them have only one lament, “Everything has changed!!” 
We spent a few more time talking to the locals, who are amused for the attention given to them. Then we reached for a fine lunch at one of the ‘Vazhiyoram’ restaurants, filled the hunger enough to setoff  for more of the Attapady Expeditions.Now, we are back in cars driving to a river side spot, Mulli. The picturesque road has taken me to another world which showed me some ‘mysticism’ in and around Attapdy. The word means many things to many people, I know it is difficult to fathom. Yet, something which I have been experiencing right from the Day 1 of my research and that pulls me fixated to the place (as well as my work). Yes, the grass is always green on the other side.
 As we were exchanging lot thing about the place and people, myself and Jaya mam had lot to speak about elephants as we heard from Sindhu teacher that elephants are frequent visitors to the place. We passed trees, huts, green hills, mountains, rivers, bridges, women, children, dogs, cows, goats and everything of a pastoral side. The drive is not just beautiful, but it took us to the heart of rustic life. An old grandfather Tree is sindhu teacher’s landmark of the spot. It seems Manu, (her son) has squiggled his name on this tree,once. I loved Manu for doing this as I do it often. The tree looked quite eerie and long.I wanted to reach out near the tree to write even my name on it. But the very presence of my respectable Professors tuned me back from doing it. 

The vehicles are parked on the road side. We had to take few slushy steps down to reach the river. I gave helping hands to Lee, who found it difficult to climb down. It is truly a breath taking sight. The water ebbs leaving foam behind, and the branched trees whose roots are in the river,stood in the happiness of getting itself wrapped up in the warmth of waves. I loved the chemistry, the trees and waves made…a feel of togetherness and I imagined them as a lovely couple who stays together forever. Sometimes, nature tells us better tales about relationships than humans had. The rocks on the shore stood as mute spectators to this spectacle. 

All of us stepped down into the river and the happiness at its best, when the waves made curls around our ankles. Jaya mam and Lee discovered and shared themselves a rock seat to rest and wet their feet. Padmanabhan sir has also seen to be on a fine rock where Nagaraj sir, tried to occupy a space on it but quite in vain, as his obsession to shoes never allowed him to do all that.
  More than any of us, Vava & Manu are the ones who enjoyed it utmost. They are quite familiar to the place. The rocks and waves seem to be their best buddies... The Attapady life has grown them adventurous to climb trees, talk to animals and swim on the river. Now, they know the nature beats more than any one of us.

Here is another beautiful moment, a positive vibration, which cannot be felt elsewhere. I am very much in love with this picture. 
As always, Vava lost in her own world, looking for stories in every stone and telling those stories to the waves. I am sure Hod sir had absolutely enjoyed her activities and this is an unearthed moment of child in him. The silence tells me that I am also a part of them.
I never thought that a trip would amalgamate Charly and Vava so close together. If there is anything to call as magic, I believe this is it. And I loved it.
 When we started back, it was around 6pm. While Nagaraj sir and Charly went on to drop Sindhu teacher and family, rest of us spent our time in a petty chai shop in one of the junctions. Yes, I remember the tea stall’s name, Malabar. By the time, the rain has started and after all what is a tale without some rain!!?
Occupied on the corner of  tea shop, we had lot things to rave about, including ‘atta’ (leech), ‘paddy’ and ‘attapady’ . When Nagaraj sir was back to the junction, I and Lee joined him. In our way return, it rained considerably heavy and that has made the aroma stronger.   The return of a journey is neverth the same as its beginning.
To me, the trip is not just about long walks, watching mountains or getting lost in the many birds that were fluttering high, but discovery of lot more sorts; a feeling of togetherness in a bliss of solitude, complete abandon of everything including ego, anger, hatred and my own identity.  A kind of surreal and abstract feeling that me and charly realized it later as “haunting”.  It is indeed fascinating to look back to it and retrace the steps in words. I lam in love with these moments, when I pen this. I wonder if things can be so simple and yet so beautiful in life and probably this is what is called happiness. I loved the journey more than destination.
However,the essence of this trip lies in the smiles of those kids, in the 90 year old beauty whom we met, in the smile of that Waiter who took our lunch order, in the cuddled pups on the street who ran behind our vehicles, in the letter we read on those unknown boards, in gazing at a dense canopy of green forests, in washing the face and feet at a small gushing stream, in watching the outline of mountains from a distance, in the downpour that hit on the window pane while returned, the songs that was played again and again and above all, in just doing and thinking nothing at all.It would stay in memory forever and definitely, would be a tale, I narrate to my Grand children at my 70’s.
 P.S:  Charly is my inspiration  behind writing this

Friday, October 28, 2011


Last evening, while taking a happy shower bath, creating a work schedule of Thesis in my thoughts, I heard a ‘sound’ of the bustling wind reverberating through our coconut leaves and immediately after, it  He is gone. Nope, I must put it the other way,it He has ‘reached’; Yes, the unwanted visitor’ of every house – Power Cut. And I can’t stop myself writing those typical, spontaneous conditioned sounds, “Ayyo!! Current Poyyi”

.I am sure that every Malayali would have uttered this at least once in their life time.
As we don’t have an Inverter at home, my poor mom had to climb all the fourteen steps up to get me  an yellow lit candle stick    and tell me, “Nee kulikan kayariyal, appam current povum” (Whenever you start a shower, power fails) . Though candle lit bath is an adventure in its own, it can never be as much as that of mobile lit showers, which I often had to have at my hostel.

Yellowness of Power Cut

Now back to pinpointed matter Power cut, I don’t remember when I heard this term for the first time in my life. Still my vague memories take me to those days when each time the power failed, I asked mom this question, “WHY SO” to which each time she replied, ‘It is POWER CUT’.
I also belong to that generation of Indians, who had grown up along with this word, in the daily vocabulary. Each time the ‘term’ hits, I know you would be taken into an “I am not feeling lucky” world and it is.  I know no one prefers to sit in darkness and hence hate power cut
Yet, THINK, THINK and once again if you THINK; I am pretty sure that by the time you read this sentence, you would have more than a three of sweet ‘something’s or 'nothing’s' to be connected to the nostalgic series of power cut

As said earlier, I am not different than a girl who had grown up with ‘Power cut’. I remember my childhood days, where every evening we had that rolling blackout for half an hour and my affinity towards this fellow companion began from those days itself. He saved me from my daily lessons and homework.  This timely leisure after the long run of a day might be the moments, I enjoyed more than the day itself. When I go down the memory lane, I have better memories to be cherished of such ‘study skip precious 30minutes” rather than a full long holiday or solid months of vacation.Yes, it is true and proven through the researches done by Psychologists. Longer vacations don’t give us better memories. It is the number of short moments leaves us happier than a long one. Hence the ‘Power cut’ times do mean a lot.

However, they were even times, where I had to sit and read in the candle light and most of them during exams. But I never studied then. Know what, I used to do.  One of my all-time power cut obsessions; each time I had a candle lit before me, I loved putting my  fingers into the flame to KNOW if it is HOT and getting fingers burned…Gosh! I am still obsessed doing that!! Some obsessions are meant forever and this is one such.

Of course, power cut gives you the best of the hours to DREAM, DREAM  and DREAMon anything and everything. Some moments of temporary disconnect from the ‘prime time lights and sounds’, off to a world of sky and stars. My best of the encounters with twinkling galaxies have happened during those twilight times, while sitting on the charupadi (seat around balcony) staring at the dreamy night sky. The brief schedules have rendered me with lot more magical moments. It serves to be the best, if you are in LOVE. I must say, there is no time much perfects than this to think of your Beloved’s and text them, “ MISS YOU, sweet heart”

Best of the Dreams can be seen on Power Cut hours

For a highly sensitive soul like me, such shut downs gather moments for shedding tears too. I relied on them so much that whenever I went upset over something and needed a burst out, those power cut darks have provided me better corners to cry silently without letting anyone know my grief. It He can listen to you better than anyone else. 

The beautiful moments with dad and mom can’t be left uncounted in the list of Power cut series. It has given us lot space for our chit-chats, sharing and at the same time, disappointments of missing the most awaited television programs. Reaching out a light in the midst of that deep darkness had always been fun.  Most of the times, a candle light lit dinner added to the interesting episodes of power cut.

By the way, where are those ‘kerosene lanterns’ dumped out!! Don’t we miss those good old days where we had a “Mannenna vilakku” (kersone lantern) near Kadathinna (verandah). The tiny lanterns hold a special place in my power cut memories... Just  as anyone, who thinks NOSTALGIA equals GRANDPARENTS’ house, my memories of these tiny lanterns dwells in there. My ‘acquaintance’ with it began from those days at Grand pa’s place. I still remember, how WE, cousins used to crawl around it and play. My love to kerosene smell has roots here and truly I wouldn't have known what a ‘kerosene lantern’ is without such power cut evenings. 

Many a times I even felt to personify the Power Cut Black to a Man, an embodiment of my Perfect admirer, who sits and stares at me silently, while I do a lot talk. I believe that BLACK has SOUL and POWERCUT does owe one. Trust me; you can’t get a good listener than him. Talk to him and he will talk you back. (My insanity speaks :p)

The Power Cut Black Soul

I got attached to the TO’ & FRO’s of such blackouts that I had even woven my dreamy future in its dark.Here it goes
Imagine, its POWERCUT, all the darkness around, myself and my most dearest man sitting on the favorite good true corner of our home, (our castle) where we get the best view of night sky and both enjoying the same sky, same moon, same stars and at the same time  talking about all the wonders of the day…. Yet wondering at ourselves, our match, our LIFE…I know, at the end, he drags me to him, looking into my eyes and say “You are everything, I need…Love you more than anything”
“zoooooommmmmmmm” (I guess this is how, current comes after power outage) . The lights turned ON and the REVERIE ends. 

Dreamy Future on Power Cut

Ohhhhhh....Come back!! Come back to the same power cut ,which stucked me half way during my shower. I finished my less adventurous candle light lit bath, came down to Verandah and sat along with my parents. The Shelly’s (a poet) same old autumn’s “wild West winds” are blowing and Daddy said, “We have to get an INVERTER. Though power cut is withdrawn for now, soon they will be back with authorized and unauthorized ones like this.” Mom added to it, “Yes, we have to. After all, we live still in God’s own Kerala.”  To them, the power cut dark is worse and hence preparing to face the ‘unwelcome visitor’
 I uttered nothing, keeping up my silence, which is deep, dark and certain as the Power cut Black…

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Feels' of the Day

 1) Me, Dad & Mom
Bits & Pieces of a  countryside Trip
Instant Tea breaks at petty ‘chayakadas’ (tea stalls) with ‘parippuvada’ and bonda’... 
sharing, caring, commenting others, hunting for ‘naadan’ (homely) fruits,vegetables, food items and eating thereby while in drive
Starring at the green, the smell of soil, stopping for the clicks…
A perfect drive with 101 melodies played
Sight seeing by ‘three’ of us, when all others in gang. (But I am pretty sure they wouldn’t have enjoyed as much as we did)
Lot clicks, but there is not even a single snap left with three of us together ...
Remember, WE are just THREE…the Threesome awesome, the Three idiots and  the Three, my lucky number ;-)

The togetherness of ‘THREE’  is an amazing feel  In love with, WE the THREE <3

2) Ranjit - My Friend

I know these days, he thinks that I forgot him and very much away. But it is not really so. When life keeps us busy, we may have to stay away from many. But it doesn’t mean that we forgot them. If  the bond is really strong, nothing can break it. The feel of ‘Connection’ ever remains.
Today is special. It is Diwali and that I met him after so long time.
A first time visit to his home with my parents, first time meet up with his parents and felt them as 'happy family'. Fell in love with his ‘typical ancestral roofs’ (tharavade), which  fits to get in anyone’s’ ‘nostalgia’ for any number of times. 

Letting a friend know that you are still with him, when he thinks, you are not is a wonderful feeling

Saturday, October 22, 2011

'Synchronicity' over Lost Mobile

Recently, one of my friends, made a pun on me, which I myself found as quite interesting. And it was this,

“Vazhiyil pokunna meenkaraneyum aval kayari chetta  nne vilikum. Brother aakum” :P
(She doesn’t even spare even a single fish-seller on the street from calling as her brother)
 Usually whenever he makes such comments, I poke him back with my replies, “podaaa patty, korangaaa” (Go away u dog, monkey)
But this time it was an interesting observation that I responded back with my silence :)

Yes. I myself can call me as a ‘Sibling-maker’ that I love my skill to make Brothers and Sisters all over the world. It might be a ‘weakness’ of being the ‘single daughter-Ashitha’ that I heard this recently from one,

“Siblings are born, not made. No body can stay as your Brother or Sister unless; they are born to your Mother”. 

The soul, who uttered to me these words are one of the closest of my friends and rather, I was not in a mood for an argument with him, then. So I just took it inside through the ‘Right’ of my ear and left it out by ‘Left’

And what happened recently is that, ME the ‘Sibling-maker’, made one of my juniors as my sister. It was a 'spontaneity' made by  one of the Facebook comments and I didn’t find an ‘another’ reason to it, as we were less acquainted with the ‘times-together’. But I had always some kind of affection to her because her ‘body language’ and ‘expressions’ made me see herself resemble, my one and only Best’est Friend cum Soul mate, Dhanya Menon
 Gradually, through many FB activities, I could find that we both are sharing lot of common interests in many things. Probably, those ‘silent thoughts’, which I never uttered anywhere, anytime.

After 2 beautiful months, a fine day something unpleasant happened and  I made use of it as my facebook status which goes as this (refer to the below Image )

Put little effort to know what the status is..I know it is blurred ;-)
To this, I got a comment from her “Welcome to the club sis….I got stolen, as well”. It lasted only till my *sigh sigh* condolence and nothing more..
Though I am an ‘object-obsessive’ and the lost mobile phone, was more than the  ‘extension’ of my hands, I had to put an end to it after the purchase of my new ‘ white Nokia C2-03’
 Now what ‘next’ to talk about, else other than an ‘another’ FB update…  But this time, it was not from me but by her. Here it goes

Blurred images are my Obsessions, as well :)

Yes, the ‘Desolation over a lost phone’ by my ‘mobile lost sister’
It was the time of  this read; I thoroughly  understood what does ‘Empathy’ really mean. Her note made me grew too emotional that reading over it again and again, I could find none other than myself on the text.
  She wrote
 It might sound strange but there is not much difference between crying over a stolen phone and crying over a lost love. It does not mean that you love a person only as much a cell phone. It means that you love an inanimate object as though it were a person. It only shows your capacity to love”
 I felt to hug her for these lines. I loved this moment where my thought went as “This girl thinks exactly like me…now, why this ‘connection’....Is it  any magic??
Finally a day, I met her in the Department where we had an exchange of verbs over the tragedy of lost phones
A part of it is given here,
Me : Veetilek povayirunnu. Bag inde side il ayirunnu mobile. Bus il thirakke   
           (I was moving home. The mobile was put in bag’s side pocket. It was rush  
          in the bus)
Her :  Edhu busaaa chechi?
            (Which bus, sister?)
Me : 1c. Njan  Railway station ilek povayirunnu
           ( Bus no 1c. I was moving to Railway station)
Her : Endethum 1c yil aaa poyadha
           (Even, mine was lost frm 1c)
Me  :        (wondering)
Yes, this again speaks the ‘same-ness with the Bus No ‘1c’. The synchronicity continues….
By the way, a word for all ‘1c dependants’ of Coimbatore, ‘BEWARE’
After a while, she has taken her new mobile phone out and it was this
 To my goodness, the same white touch & type, Nokia C203

Now I feel that, if at all one of us can catch out the ‘THIEF’, it may be possible to get both the mobiles, back . I have a strong intuition that ‘the thief must be a same soul’
Never thought that the term, ‘sis’ would bind us together with so much of 'synchronicity'
I think it would be to experience this very moment; we might have called each other ‘SIS’ once.
 When similarities chase both of us in this way, truly I don’t find a better term to replace calling her other than my ‘SISTER’. Yes, now it sounds from the heart.
Hence adding her to my ‘made- sisters’ list,where the other names are

Roshni Paul
Raji Suresh
Rashmi Manjit
Sithara Ashok
Anna Vinod
Anjaly Rajan
Kavitha Raj
Gayathiri Madhavan
Misch Asung
Sinsi Sekhar
Sithara Thara
Reeshma Krishnadas
Gayathiry Madhavan
 &  now Pranaya Pradip
Sorry if I didn't mention any other names.  Kindly excuse me for my poor memory

My Realizations, renovated
  • A word is not just a word. It has energy. It has power. It brings back to us, what it means
  • There are signs and symbols around us all the time. The only thing which we have to do is open our eyes
  • There is ‘Synchronicity’ when two or more unrelated things happen together in a meaningful manner. They are more than random happenings
  • Common logic tells you, these are just simple things, but pay attention to the way you feel
  • Enjoy the weirdness of Life

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Letter To Thesis

Dear Thesis

What is your problem? Why you make it so difficult? Day by day, you are making me feel worse. Don’t stare at me with your blank white soul. Here I challenge you; Dare to appear as a TALE, I will write you overnight.

Break the rules and live your LIFE. I want to scribble on you, MY ART.

Devil pages, Stop your connections with ‘NUMBERS’ and ‘STATISTICS’. I can’t restart the habit of counting with my toe-fingers.Don’t you feel ashamed?? When you have your beautiful wife, WORD, why you want to go behind other women...? I will definitely spy her, if you meet those DIGITS again

Stop making me follow you, word by word. I can’t do it. Know, I am a writer. Any writer is a KING. I will command and you will have to listen.  I will kick your nose, if you mock at my creativity. What! Stop questioning my language. I am not a machine. I write from my soul. I can’t follow your damn rules.
You made my mom even crazy that she has only to ask about you.Dirty, stop your encounters with her. Delete her cell number or you will come to know, who I am!

Don’t laugh too much. I will catch you soon and play on you with my words. I am waiting for the SPARK. Once If I get that, REMEMBER, you will be hanging on my finger tip. Wait for the moment.

Still,know now something. however bad you are, I can’t hate you because you are my DREAM.  We are going to spend LIFE together. Your DESTINY is going to be my BOOK SHELF. So lets move in mutual harmony. Leave your bad ideas and come to me. I will feed you, my WORDS.

However rude ,I am to you, try to understand me. My anger lasts only for a moment but my love forever. Still, love you,damn book


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