Monday, August 10, 2015

When Man becomes Stone...

When Planets are retrograde, Life moves backwards,
People become Places, and Places become Memories,
Sinners become Saints, and Saints become Ordinary.
When Grave becomes Cradle and,
Babies go back to Unborn,
Lovers-holding-hands become Strangers and,
Stranger becomes Unnamed
Life goes backwards...

When Conversations become Text and,
Text become no-beep
Phones do not ring a bell any more,
 ,Paragraph becomes Punctuation and,
Punctuation become the unspoken,
The Unspoken becomes Silence and
Silence, the Abandoned Words,

 When too much of Light becomes Darkness,
Darkness becomes blind,
And, Love becomes the Lovelessnes,
of one lifetime
WE become the STATUE,
Yes, the weather- stricken Statue,
With Softness over stone,
And Lovelessness of Love
Unable to move...

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