Saturday, November 3, 2012

Secrets Those Last Till Sunset

People come. People  go. Some, keep you at the best of your comfort zone. Some, stab you ragged, with the glowing edges of knife.  Some, woo you with honey dipped words falling off their  lips. Some, sicken you down with their words, shooting like an arrow. Some of those relations, flourish and bring forth fruits. Some of them, cease and give out ghosts. Some exist, just for the sake of existence. 

YES, life shifts tracks. It takes away all your expectations and gives you back only disappointments. It takes you to strange places and leaves you at the doorsteps without letting you enter inside, without letting you know what lies ahead. It runs aimlessly in different directions like a mad woman. AND, all you do is smile......

You give a fantastic smile, when you still have tears about to fall down. You act smart, when you know, you are not strong. You  say , it is alright and  lay on the bathroom floor,  to let the water wash down your tears. You talk a lot, all the day, appearing to be talkative, BUT you know, you are the Desert, parched up and wordless ..

You appear bright and saturated without letting anyone know, you are dropping down to a state of nothingness. You dress up, a bit more than usual because you know, you need attention to divert your moods. You may be the most versatile blogger, BUT you know,  you possess the most painful wounds, yet to be healed. You look more pretty than usual but, it is the saddest day of your life.  You advise everyone about those Ethics, while your Ethics got burnt to ashes..

You scream not because you are angry, but because you are hurt.  You may be that girl, with the prettiest eyes BUT you have the cried most tears of world. You say, you care it damn, and that very night, you stay insomniac crying till 4.a.m.  You smile angelic but you know the demons are killing you inside. You are the boldest among all the girls,  but you carry the most sensitive heart with incredible  pain, eating you inside.

Those days, where everything goes wrong and nothing goes right. The days with more number of secrets and lots of lies. You put on masks and give fake smiles just because you don’t want to give up, even after you had enough..
You stay up all the day, as a living  irony..,a walking paradox..


by evening, when you want to take away those masks and unwind, whom do you call to cry your heart out?  You want to feel raw and, whom do you search for? The only place where you go, when you don’t have any other place to go. The one person, who can find your soul, when you feel it lost.

He is the only person, who keeps up your sanity, even when you have to climb up those ladders, insane. The only one, who  sees secrets inside the prettiest eyes and looks beyond the sweetest smiles.
You watch the sunset with him
He drives you Home back at night. 
He fathoms your Soul and speaks your Heart. 
You know him... Don’t  you? :-)

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