Friday, April 17, 2015

The Most Adorable Wedding Gown

The sacred nets on sleeves with the palest of pearls on the hem. The antique-looking pink bow on its waist. It was the most exquisite gown she had ever seen.   She ran her fingers over the delicate gown. It felt much smooth and sensual that she feared it might get damaged by her simple touch. After months of searching over designs and patterns for the perfect gown, she finally found it. And she smiled thinking of how perfectly it goes with her granny gifted diamond necklace.  It was more than a dress; it was a dream, a wish waiting to get fulfilled. 

The gown that was going to be the envy of all her single friends. Though the price was a bit more than she had planned on, she didn’t hesitate to pay.  It was after all, a once in a life time event. It was for the Big day of her life. It was her Baby. The sales girl wrapped it in the tissue paper and gave her a warm smile before putting it into the box. As it is handed over, the girl reminded her how beautiful she would look in that wedding gown walking to the church altar. It was the most precious wedding gown, a bride could ever get. She felt blessed and divine. She went home dreaming of how he would see her in it for the first time. Of how he would sweep her in his arms and carry her away. Far far away.

Many days and nights passed by,

...a tear rolled down from the corner of her eye, as she took out the shimmer material gleaming under the twinkling light.  Her most favourite gown. Her off-white, hand knitted laced past. It took her back to most the painful memories of three years. Promises and Betrayals. The endless nights she had spent in bed crying out her heart. Was it a marriage or a curse haunted from the previous birth?? - She still carries the question.

She felt like a witch in a cleansing ceremony when she withdrawn lighter from the corner of the dress. Everything flashed in the blaze - wedding knots, the three tiered wedding cake, the sales girl who admired  and greeted her "Happy Wedding"  and many more. Now it is gone. That thing doesn’t exist anymore.Not haunting her from the wardrobe. Not sold to someone else.  As she watched it burning, she knew, she began to like her dress much more.  She stood and watched her life going up in flames, from inferno to the sky. From the sky to Heaven. 
 And felt at Peace, the girl who burned her most adorable wedding gown..
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