Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Believe it or not...

   Some disaster may happen on your street but it never reaches your tent. A Cobra may lie just beside your foot but it doesn’t stride on you. A lorry out of its brakes may approach to knock you down, but you will save your life in fraction of some seconds. Your foot may strike against a stone but you will never fall down. There may be terrors of night but you will have no fears. A thousand may fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you.  You may think everything is slipping out of your hands but miraculously it stays more secure than ever. 

    Yes, those lucky escapes which all of us would have experienced at least once in this lifetime. And when it happens, don’t we feel that we are cared to safety by someone?  Don’t we believe that there is an invisible power protecting us?

 Some days we think we had perished but still we exist; we assume we are in stillness of death but still we breathe; we think that special person has desolated us but still he comes back, we feel we had reached a dead end but yet we discover lots of new doors and windows. 

   Believe it or not, there is always a “someone” who bends over you and encourages you and whispers into your ear, "grow, grow.."

 Know it that, there are things which we do not understand. Some miracles happen in its way which would be too difficult for a human mind to comprehend. We can’t write down everything under the label ‘science’ and escape out the ambiguity. These are things which we don’t understand because they are beyond our brains of logic.

   Often in my life I experienced it – a feeling of third person surrounding me.
When that cool breeze caresses my face, when that  ripple formed on water glances into my eyes, when  that just born dew on a grass smiles to my sadness, when that rain drop fallen on my face wipes off my tears – I knew she was near me. Yes, SHE...

   I felt her protection. I experienced her love. I sensed her warmth. I perceived her power. She wakes me up from my bed before the alarm bell rings; she puts me to sleep on her lap when I am sick; she spreads me an umbrella when it rains; she covers my face with her shield when it burns; She holds me tight in my arms, when I walk around, She stays awake at night when I sit to learn, She protects me under her wings when those street vultures stare. I know I am out of all their traps. I don’t fear because I believe…

  Whenever I feel sad and nobody cares, I feel her tender touch.She protects me like a mother, embraces me like a sibling and prays for me like an angel.  She is here, right near me, smiling to what I write and watching my fingers moving on keyboard with her eyes wide open.

She is sometimes a mother, sometimes a father, sometimes a friend, sometimes a sister, sometimes a guide and sometimes a daughter. However you reject, she still guards you because she is your Guardian Angel. She is born for that. Angels are awesome. All you have to do is to believe blindly that they are near you.

Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers 
“Grow, grow”
                                                                               – The Talmud

Pay attention to her whispers
Give ears to her voices
She is your Guardian Angel...


  1. excellent write up ma dear sis... God Bless :) :)

  2. thank you so much brother for the support and blessings :)

  3. Very true Ashi! Beautiful writing :)
    I believe this too! I wanna share one experience with my guardian angel who saved me many times!
    Memory of childhood

  4. many of us do not hear to what she spells... and realize that somebody invisible said before we stepped towards the suffering.
    God always laughs at human's Wisdom :)

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