Monday, May 18, 2015


He religiously counted all the money and saved it in different lockers. She surprisingly found a five hundred rupee note from her old purse and felt happy. He ate his supper from the hotel and delivered exact change to the old waiter, who lost his son. She walked into to her favorite Dhaba restaurant and mercifully forgotten the balance money to be collected from the waiter. He noted down in his monthly planner, the exact day and time of his outings and returned home early before the darkness of 8.p.m. She aimlessly walked on to malls, mountains and streets, most often planning her trips after hitting the road. He ate timely food and avoided conversations. She drank untimely coffees and enjoyed the weather.He protected his vehicle inside the garage aware of the hike in fuel rates.She drove to the countryside to cherish the mangoes fallen on desolated roads. He believed none and distanced himself from all. She got acquainted to all and got the best friendship of one lifetime.
       He referred to various editions of 'The Economist' and framed his life style. She read her favourite author up till 2.a.m.’s and wept out like a baby for the loss of characters. He visited Church every Sundays to attend the Mass. She walked into the church whenever she felt to talk to her God. He routinely recorded his accounts and expenses on his diary every night before sleep. She smiled back to her own image on the mirror and wrote out her heart on the favourite diary made of handmade texture. He set reminders to give missed call to his mother at 9 a.m.’s of every Saturdays. She rang up her mother every now and then, sharing her excitements over change of weather. He religiously searched for Divinity in his structure and schedules. She was wild and found the Divinity in her creative wilderness. He was Religion. She was spirituality. Both knew the other existed in some other part of the earth under the same wide open sky. And they never longed to meet... 


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