Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Letter To Thesis

Dear Thesis

What is your problem? Why you make it so difficult? Day by day, you are making me feel worse. Don’t stare at me with your blank white soul. Here I challenge you; Dare to appear as a TALE, I will write you overnight.

Break the rules and live your LIFE. I want to scribble on you, MY ART.

Devil pages, Stop your connections with ‘NUMBERS’ and ‘STATISTICS’. I can’t restart the habit of counting with my toe-fingers.Don’t you feel ashamed?? When you have your beautiful wife, WORD, why you want to go behind other women...? I will definitely spy her, if you meet those DIGITS again

Stop making me follow you, word by word. I can’t do it. Know, I am a writer. Any writer is a KING. I will command and you will have to listen.  I will kick your nose, if you mock at my creativity. What! Stop questioning my language. I am not a machine. I write from my soul. I can’t follow your damn rules.
You made my mom even crazy that she has only to ask about you.Dirty, stop your encounters with her. Delete her cell number or you will come to know, who I am!

Don’t laugh too much. I will catch you soon and play on you with my words. I am waiting for the SPARK. Once If I get that, REMEMBER, you will be hanging on my finger tip. Wait for the moment.

Still,know now something. however bad you are, I can’t hate you because you are my DREAM.  We are going to spend LIFE together. Your DESTINY is going to be my BOOK SHELF. So lets move in mutual harmony. Leave your bad ideas and come to me. I will feed you, my WORDS.

However rude ,I am to you, try to understand me. My anger lasts only for a moment but my love forever. Still, love you,damn book


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