Sunday, July 8, 2012

Flowers,freedom and butterflies...

To the girl, who once loved flowers, freedom, books and butterflies.
She was greater than the world, but to the world, she was smaller than a dot
Her roads did not take her to that path of the world
Forgetting her coffee, skipping her meals; she walked to the noisiest of all streets
She was alone in the crowd, while others were rushing to catch their life
The people pushed her away, and no one has noticed her fall
She felt lonely, but no one has arrived to break her silence
She took crossroads, but she didn’t want it to lead anywhere
She lived her life tangy, knowing that tanginess is sweet
Her voice was heard out only in those sighs and whispers,
While she still loved to talk, talk and talk
She loved the beauty of single words, prologues and poems
She loved the volumes spoken about a single thought
Yes, she loved words and she fell for them often
She spoke her heart out always, not knowing when to stop, where to end
Her feet searched for a ground, a Home which she has never found
She hated being interrupted, when she was writing or reading or listening to a song
She wanted her solitude, her space all the time
She had her smiles and tears, even when nobody was there
She learnt to live alone, alone in a crowd, alone in someone’s company
And that gave her all the freedom of the world
There were umpteen nights, she was crying over those stupid love scenes
She had a few rules, but hated it when someone else did it
She always looked for mirrors to draw her kajal, and the mirror began to talk
She was like a puddle in the rain, which was beautiful only at times

 She was a good and silent observer, sitting for hours pointing out even those minute details
People knew, she was vulnerable and they made use of it
She was a paradox in her own way.
Some told, she was weak, while for others, she was strong, obstinate
And for her, she was not just strong, but strong,
Too strong, to be carried along with the wind
She was defensive, but fell in love with almost every guy, who paid her bit little attention
Yes certainly there were times, she wished for a silent partner, a best friend, a soul mate
With whom she can tell tales, music, movies, books and her stupid theories,
Still listened to her, loving her conversations, just like a child
Someone who might not be like her, with a different channel of tastes
And yet holding on, loving her more than loving himself.
But people came, stayed her for short span and left,
She didn’t ask anyone to stay, because she knew; they were not good enough to stay
She didn’t want to walk away as if, nothing has happened
She was always left, left alone for her good and others’ good
She missed having a friend, she missed being a friend
She didn’t have any loose threads to hold on,
She didn’t hear any footsteps, powerful enough to skip her beats
She reacted, spoke sarcastic, hurt others and then lamented
She felt sickened hearing her own lies
The sooner she realized, she is not capable of being loved or accept love
The quicker, she got the strength to loose, loose herself
She was running into it…running away from something,
Running to something, she doesn’t know
Her tread of fate stemmed from a lightest thought
It began to grow, the thought to “disappear” and “disconnect”
She wanted to stay invisible, knowing that no one would notice her absence
She began to imagine her obituary without any fear.
She didn’t have the fear for the oblivion, because she was curious to know what it is
When life didn’t have anything to offer for her, since eternity
She felt hungry, hungry to death.. she searched for those capsules, swallowed it,
And felt numb, tasteless, no hope, no fears, no sanity, no madness
No umbrellas, no rain, no tea stalls, no smiles, no tears, no destination
With a death note, “All is well” - she parted,
Once more proving to be weird.
It was calm and lost…

Angels can tread only on heavenly grounds
She can’t set her foot on a ‘man-made earth’
May her soul rest in peace
                        The girl who once loved flowers, freedom, books and butterflies


  1. Good and thoughtful one Ashitha...I liked her weirdness :)

  2. Absolutely awesome..... Keep it coming…

    "sapna tuta hai toh dil kabhi jalta hai... haan thoda dard hua par chalta hai"

  3. @Maneesh - thank u so much :)

  4. Akshay Manu - thank u for the encouragement. Glad that you stopped by :)

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