Monday, June 25, 2012

Ray of Hope

Have you ever given your thought to what it would be if you could escape through a tunnel to reach another world and live as the only being of existence?  It is certain that all of us would have buried it somewhere in us, with those deep sighs; while crossing roads to reach no where and realizing that the world is nothing better than a place to get deceived. 

When life turns out to be nothing more than a strategy, with no magic to wonder at or no tales to tell about, only with responsibilities and no fun, you may feel like running away to some corner of the earth, may be to a dense forest or to a hill top and remain hidden. And some other times if, going gets tougher than you could ever imagine, and you realize there is no more oxygen to inhale in this world, all that you  need would be an ending, a disconnection.

Ironically, the truth is that, you may decide to walk alone to the sunset (for unknown reasons), bidding farewell to yourself and the world, still you know, you can’t DO it. You may act like a child and feel insecure. You may have doubts and feel immature; still you can’t DO it because even though the world is an ugly place, it is the only beautiful place to live. Life may have lot of loose ends but, it cannot be broken with a tug because those strings are very much attached. 

You may be in decline, breaking the waves. 
You may be in darkness, watching the sunset. 
You may be lost at sea. 
But no matter how far you row, 
you will always find the way back home, 

Someone is still standing at the porch
Waiting for your return

Someone is still not eating dinner
Waiting  to have it along with you

Someone is still not sleeping without your call
Waiting to hear from you that, ‘everything is fine’

 Someone is still not without a birthday dress
Waiting to receive your money order

Someone is still earning hard day and night
Waiting to give you the semester fee without due

Someone is still looking into the mobile without sleep,
 Waiting to get your ‘Good night’ message

Someone is still hesitating to start the day
Waiting to get your glimpse and wishes

Someone is still looking forward to your posts
Waiting to read your words and live between the lines

Someone is still living at your mercy, kindness
Waiting to get you back in their life

And hence you can neither end nor walk away 
Putting your loved ones on hold and waiting

 The life is beautiful till the day; 
you have that last someone exists in the world 
to mourn at the loss of your life

Hold on 
to that
 Ray of Hope


  1. that RAY OF HOPE is all what matters dear... to help us in being with the flow of life..

  2. @Thumpi , Yes...even in those worst situations, something or someone would spring up in life to give us that Ray of Hope. It may even be a cat :) Thank you!

  3. Hi Ashitha Thank You So much l Am Appy You Ar matters very good

  4. Hi Ashitha Thank You So much l Am Appy You Ar matters very good


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