Thursday, June 21, 2012

When Silence Speaks....

How beautifully does a shore understand the language of sea, the tree listen to the whispers of its leaves, the baby vibrate to the voice of its mother, the dawn wake up to the call of its darling birds, the earth give its ears to the rains of the sky.. They do all the talking without a language or script. Hadn’t you felt awesome in the way some people look at you, they convey you through their gestures and when you see all the tales in their eyes?

when eyes speak all the tales of the world

With some people in some situations, we really do not need a language to communicate. Those are the instances where language becomes nothing more or less than a formality. A stare, a touch, a kiss, a wink, a smile, a tear, a hum, a laughter…is all what that really matters, not always, but at least in some of those days of our life.

Hadn’t you experienced such moments in life where emotions overpower your heart and you run in short of words. And when it begins to grow beyond the periphery of certain fondness, despair or longingness, silence takes away all the eloquence. The innocence of a child, the smile of a stranger, opening an unread message, dreaming about that someone special, reading a beautiful novel, writing a letter with the doubt of posting it, watching a cloud on the sky, taking  hot water shower on a rainy day, tying up those divine knots, wrapping up the surprise gift for a friend on his birthday, eating mother’s food, taking a deep breath, praying with a sigh heart,  crying in the shower, falling in love, discovering a beautiful track…above all, those moments of Yoga, Dhayana, meditation..….do we have a better term to define such beautiful moments other than ‘silence’. Without uttering a word, a sentence we experience the best moments in life because the best of it happens only in silence.

the silence is bliss

 Once, one of my friends shared me an experience from her love life. She fell seriously in relationship with a guy, whom she couldn’t understand completely. The only thing she knew was she loved him when he proposed her. He cared her sometimes and avoided her at other times. She was confused, perplexed and disheartened. Sooner she began to know that his love is not true and she is only an option for him in his times of need. But the realization has not made any difference. Even though she knew it was true, she didn’t want to believe it. 

Now she began to fall in love with him all the more while he still remained the same. She said, “The more I hate, the more I love”. When she began to hear about his encounters with another woman she reacted in all her loud voices. She cried, wept, yelled, accused, grumbled, advised and begged to him in all those good and bad words. But nothing has changed. It has only made him go more and more away from her.

She began to grow tired of arguing, fighting, crying and thereby hurting herself day and night. When everything went hopeless and she learnt that he is much far than she could reach, she took a decision to quit and stay out of his life, leaving all her way for the silence to overcome. From next sunrise, in the place of those100 text messages which she sends him everyday, he received none; in the missed call log, where he normally received maximum calls of her, there were some other names.

As days went on, he began to feel the space, the gap, the darkness and ultimately the silence that was creeping into his life. With half of the heart which has not loved anything, he began to miss her. Her silence began to hurt him much more than her words ever could. His thoughts started to get occupied with her so much that he was no more interested in any other women. The presence of others reminded him too much of her absence. Every beep, miscall, text message alerted him of her silence. The days went on without getting even a slight glimpse of her. The music system in the car played the songs she had given, her photographs, the cards, his blue mug; the leather wallet in his pocket, the adjustable car seat….everything described him of her silence. The quieter she went, the louder her things got around him. 

After a while, it was deafening and when he knew it began to eat his soul and give him an emotional trauma, he came back to her with an open heart which was soft enough to regret and reconcile …this time not because it is a physical need, but because it was emotional and he wanted to save his heart. She accepted him with a smile…a smile in silence, realizing that there are times in our lives we don’t need to be vague nor fight over issues; JUST SILENCE will fight for us.  

Sometimes in life, with some people, when words fail to shower, stab and kneel, silence is the best weapon.  When words give you only skinned knees and broken hearts, all that we have to do is to speak, speak aloud in the reminiscence of silence… the silence that can break a wind and stop those seas, the silence that can bring the tears and skip the beats. Yes, that indefinite, intangible, eternal silence….

Yes, silence is in the 
cool waiting bench, the stillness of the cup and coffee, the late breakfast
, a lone long night drive, the rain dropped window glass, the squeaking train stops,
 the blinking lights, the spinning skies, the last kiss, the fleeting fingertips, 
the zooming lens, oscillations of the swing, the pages of the unknown book, 
echo inside a forest, the church bells, the unsent letters, the erased pencil markings, 
the breathing words, the winks of your cat the unhatched egg, unborn foetus, 
the mirage, the trembling earth, the smoker’s puff, the candle light,the silent night, 
the edges of words,, those fallen leaves,  
           in the  memories of…………


  1. The silence works only in a sincere heart,that is the only exception I felt.

  2. Lovely stuff Achoose..and that reminds me of the silence of someone I thought I knew..:(
    Good one, very intense narrative.

  3. Lenin, True...Silence can be felt only if we have a right eye and heart. Thanks for the contribution :)

  4. Unniyetta, thank u so much. If at all u feel that somebody is silent, u break it up :)

  5. silence.... it's how situation demands.. at times silence is a unspoken dialogue.. a memory to cherish...
    some other time.. it's something that takes u far frm ur loing one.. makes u isolated....

    somehow i love silence much... may be coz i can never be silent ..:D

  6. Thank u so much Shalini chechi for beautifully describing those shades of silence :)

  7. As they say Speech is silver, silence is golden.. it is indeed a very good weapon to be used optimally.. liked your narration, especially the first four lines.. and the line 'The quieter she went, the louder her things got around him'


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